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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. etwman

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    Its been a little while and the business has kept me from updating a few pics. Here's a recent project that was finished down the mainline. Kitchen was prepped in for a later phase. We have another neat project coming up with travertine, pavillion, pool, etc. that I'll post some pics of later this fall.





  2. DVS Hardscaper

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    The fireplace looks GREAT!

    The 2nd pic (the one below the fireplace job), well, ummm, I'm not too thrilled with the stonework. The stone is small, which makes it really really busy. And I see some huge mortar gaps.

    The the 3rd pic (same job as the 2nd) the stone looks better and the joints are more consistant. I'm wonderin if the section in the 2nd pic was done with a low supply of stone and maybe a different stone dude......

  3. 2brothersyardcare

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    i like the stone on the fire place but that wall looks kinda acward no afence i love your work and hope i can do it one day
  4. bobcat48

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    Real nice.all looks really good.great work.
  5. Jelinek61

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    Its all the same job.
  6. flairland

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    Are those JD's yours or rentals? Job looks amazing, really admire all the natural stonework you do.
  7. tthomass

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    I would guess this is boxed stone, not a pallet. In which case, good quality and very minimal trash. The size is consistent with that particular field stone and if you go larger it's likely going to be dimensional to some extent vs irregular.....customer taste usually makes that determination. The joints look good to me. There's a couple that are big but it's completely within what is acceptable without settling for "good enough". Remember, rounded stone isn't so rounded if you start hammering on it. Additionally, field stone is already dirty/stained and any hammering you do stands out like a sore thumb.........not only with color but texture. A little acid would be good and may have been since the picture was taken. Also, look at the setting........big pines/spruce, fireplace,'s already got a wilderness look too it. Hence the reason you don't see polished granite counter tops on the walls.

    Just my perspective.
  8. meets1

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    Stone looks great. I just finished a similar wall with what looks like the same stone as you used. A few gaps here and there add character and the clients taste and your surroundings all play a role in this type of work.

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    wall looks kinda acward no afence Yall, If your work is as good as your spelling we might just stick with ETW.:hammerhead:
  10. 2brothersyardcare

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    my spelling sucks idk why my spell check didn't pic it up and i like the wall and all just to me the stone should be bigger but i do agree with the early stated comment

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