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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    I'm headed to GROW, taking my LA and two project managers. Joe Calloway will be there speaking and having just finished his book I'm looking forward to meeting him. In addition there's quite a few other company owners I respect alot in the industry that I'll be meeting there as well. I'll have a pretty full schedule, with some meetings in the evenings.

    I've spent some time with Marty, both in person and over the phone. He a big asset to this industry and is a wealth of knowledge.

    I've never been to GROW but everyone I've talked too who's attending, they say it is one of the best green conferences in the country. If I were you I'd beg, borrow, or steal to get there.

    The display we are building is inside a high end store in the area, mirroring our target market. I'll post some pics when its complete.
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    suberb, in fact i find this the ideal set up i never knew i wanted! it is perfect, who designed it, you or them or both?>
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    Here's my take on these conferences, like GROW, GIE, and some other solid educational events throughout the year. If your sitting on your couch, saying I only made $1000 this year and can't afford to go to these things. That tells me one thing. You need conference more than most if your serious about growing your company to be the best it can be.

    If your sitting there thinking well I just pimped my pickup with rims, lift kit, a $2k stereo, pushbar, and anything else that you think looks cool (but completely doesn't make you any more money and has no value on resale)....and you still don't have $1000, then you really need a good bat over the head and then a wake up call with a good conference.

    Sorry if it is a harsh reality check, but there are good entrepenuers out there that have a heart of gold, a sharp mind, and some coin, who really want to grow these businesses. These guys need to be at solid educational conferences like this. For those who run around in pickups that redefine pimped, don't pay their bills, have no desire to grow and don't us all a favor and go find another occupation so that this industry doesn't get a black eye.

    That's my thoughts for the day. Great to hear John Wingfield from Eagle Landscaping and Todd Thomasson from Rock Water Farms are going to GROW, these is going to be cool!
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    I cannot find info on this conference. Does anyone have a web address.


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    Thank you!!
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    That's it. I'd be willing to bet you could go to this conference for $1000 or less with airfare/hotel/food if you don't wait until last minute to book flights. That's cheap education for what is being put on the table.
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    Thanks for telling us about GROW jarad. Im going to go.
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    Now everyone would be stupid not to go since Matt Rusk will be attending. That's a bonus in itself, and you don't even have to pay for that.

    There's a definable difference in winter conferences. There's the infamous hardscape conventions, plant expos, etc. Their primary reason for existance is to get you to buy their product, see their new stuff, and listen to some free seminars which give you some warm and fuzzies. Chances are they'll have the same format each year, maybe modified slightly. They'll be slanted towards a product line, give you a ton of free junk you fall over, and plop you in a room of contractors who are looking for a free lunch and wouldn't know the word profit if it fell out of the sky and smacked them in the forehead. Trust me I've been to most, and while they do help, they aren't going to help you grow your business to a level at which you really need too.

    THEN there are the educational conferences. You gotta dig a little to find them, but they are out there. The meaty ones let's call them. I've been to several of those. Yes you are going to pay to go too them, and pay you will. However, you'll walk away from these type of conferences with a list of things you are going to rigoursly work on for your company. I always say a good educational conference will leave you walking away mentally exhausted with ideas, dreams, and images of where you want to be in 5 years and a road map of how to get there. If you're smart you'll bring a tablet of paper that is so heavy you can't stand to carry it, a pack of pens, and some advil for your writing hand.

    Pick your poison. Once again get what you pay for.
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    Matt Rusk is going, I'm in! HAHA!

    Jarod, I booked hotels, airfare, and purchased tickets to Grow 2011 last night. I think it was right at $1,000 per person. I am bringing my General Manager along with me.

    Looking forward to finally meeting you and Todd, and still don't know what to think about meeting Matt:).

    Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison is a great book. Marty sent it to me last week, and I read the entire thing over the weekend.

    We are at $2MM in sales this year, and have a goal to be in the Top 100 landscape companies in the nation within 5 years from now. To reach that goal, we will need to hit $15MM in annual sales. Looking forward to GROW 2011!
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