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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. SDelPrete

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    I never have and didn't get to make it to GROW. I do plan to make it next year but if you are able to get him by that would make the day even better.
  2. etwman

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    If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right, or not do it at all. That phrase shouldn't surprise too many of you. The only thing that would be a minor kicker is it would be limited to 100 people or so since I don't have the room for something big. However, seeing what GROW was like in Ohio, and other things that I have been too, there is something very unique and powerful with smaller groups. I'll chew on it for awhile.....and see how much interest there would be in something like this.
  3. SDelPrete

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    that sounds great. However don't feel like you NEED to do it. Not saying you do but I know your a very busy person so if its to much to swing honestly it isn't that big of a deal. My initial thought was just to come out and check out the shop layout and what not for my future shop and just to bs with you bout business stuff and w.e.
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    Jarod, I just booked flights for Julie and myself for the Sales & Marketing Symposium in March.

    Will you be able to make it? I will provide the rental car this time.
  5. etwman

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    I don't know John, I have alot going on here. I'd like too, but we're ramping up this week and we have quite a bit sold that's going into production. It looks like a good day, I'll let you know.

    Can't believe your taking poor Julie back to frigid Ohio two times in one month. Poor thing, she practically froze to death in February.
  6. kreft

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    Just let me know when. I just realized That your only a hour up the street from me.
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    Jarod, Goodluck this year, Im excited to see progress and hear how your maintanence division works out.

    I have followed this thread since its beginning, its been both interesting motivational.

    I have heard you mention that you rarely visit your job sites and that your foreman can handle anything thrown at them. Just curoius what kind of training you do to get your foreman on the same page with you? How do you train a new employee on your way of doing things?

  8. etwman

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    We reclassified our foreman as project managers this year. They truthfully aren't really foreman, so I'm not sure why I call them that. We have four of them.

    I budget about $20k a year in training and development. We do everything from training in house with various speakers, go to conferences like GROW, we're implementing videos/testing in house after you've been here for 90 days, and a few other things. We can train fairly quickly on site as well. Most of our project managers are very skilled with what they do and are great teachers. The others come to us with some skill or can easily be trained. I've really grown to love the phrase "hire for attitude, train for skill." It's alot easier to train someone to your ways who really wants to learn and grow with your company long term, than to take someone set in their ways and tweak their attitude. I don't really want to go into all the ways we train, but I will tell you we've steered away from the MAHTS and other hardscape shows, doing more inhouse.

    Sorry its not more detailed that this.
  9. etwman

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    Why you don't price projects per sf!





  10. etwman

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    Project is completely landlocked. Attached is the plan, 3 weeks for construction and a lot of legwork ahead of time.

    Master Plan A.jpg

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