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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    I have been following etwman's thread for a while. I've read his posts multiple times. This man has a lot of knowledge to share and an inspirational business operation. His pictures are awesome, his trucks are sweet, his jobs are remarkable, but his wisdom and business savy in this industry is priceless. If you really think this thread is stupid, you have no business being in business or you did not read any of his posts. :hammerhead:

    Thank you, etw, for taking the time to post your thoughts and ideas.
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    X2 if your not interested why even post:confused:
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    I bet he doesn't know how to unsub. to threads and is pissed that we talk and actually read.....

    prolly just lookin' fer purty pictures.

    I like the pictures too, but am much more grateful for the insight that etw shares with us. He has a successful company, and seems to be a genuine person that is constantly looking to improve himself and those around him.

    That is why we thank him for the 224+ page thread that has lasted the greater part of a decade. THAT is commitment. Don't go scaring him off fella! We appreciate him here at lawnsite.
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    You are on my Santa's naughty list bub.
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    Guys he posts that in every long thread just ignore it
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    Etwman, I have been laboriously reading through every page of this thread and I concur with many others when I sum it all up with a big WOW!!! I have by no means finished this reading project, but I am coming along and I look forward to your continued very helpful words of council and more pictures! Take care and I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you sometime.

    BTW, this is not actually my first post. It is my first post under my new business name. My old name was Daniel's Lawn Care . . . very unprofessional as you will probably agree.
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    This might be the dumbest thing ever posted on L.S. Etw's thread is one of the very few reasons I still visit this site.
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    We have a tremendous amount of work on the board, under contract, and in the pipeline for this year. Could be another solid year as we'll push for our 11th straight growth year. Here are some more pics from taking hardscaping to new heights. Over 50 tons of material has gone in at this point.





  9. PerfectEarth

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    Awesome stuff! What type of business is that? Do you also need to get soil into that courtyard? Can't say I've ever had a "crane charge" ever worked into one of my estimates! One day...
  10. etwman

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    2nd batch of pictures.





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