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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. PerfectEarth

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    Excellent as always. Top notch. What a beautiful setting for that pool and outdoor living area.

    Do you guys do the actual pool installs?
  2. clc2003

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    Etw, what do u think of ur cat loader by now. I just sold my bobcat T190 due to some mech. Issues and was lookin for a cat 257b2. To be real honest it is getting harder and harder to find a nice used loader right now. I have now decided to buy a wheeled loader since I don't do much landscaping. But I def. Notice the Loegering track set up on a lot of Cats. I thought this might be something for me. I know u dont due much snow removal but I was curious if u have used yours in snow and if so how well it works. And I was also wondering if that setup has roller suspension like the cat/ASV or not. Thanks for any help
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  3. T Scapes

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    Kubota looks real nice where did you get it if you dont mind me asking
  4. RLS24

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    Very nice as always! I just did my first hardscape project this weekend, just a small decorative boarder wall and wow I have a whole new respect for what you guys do!
  5. etwman

    etwman LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The VTS is a solid track system that requires little to no maintenance. We don't use it in snow, as we put the tires back on. The CAT's have been fine for the most part.

    Bought the Kubota through Hoober Inc.

    Here's a few other shots of a project that is now finished with the kitchen.





  6. SharperImage

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    looks good. nice work
  7. Showpropserv

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    understatement of the year! hey etw any new pics of that pool, house fireplace install. Keep it up:drinkup:
  8. cookslandscaping18

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    great work. Some of the best landscaping I have seen looking through your thread. I would love to work for a company like yours just to learn how you guys create this master pieces. great work keep it up.
  9. old oak lawn

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    He said it look good, would you have been happy if he said it was the best looking thing he had ever seen in his life ???
  10. bobcat48

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    Love this thread,you guys do very nice all looks great!

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