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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. xclusive

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    Those designs look great! The work your company does is amazing. What program(s) did your architects use for those designs?
  2. jg244888

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    very cool renderings! what programs you guys using now?
  3. ACA25

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    Of all the advice I have seen on here, that is the single best. Most guys won't have much of an idea what you just said, but please don't let that scare you from learning about it. Vanderkooi is a great system, and one that I suggest, but the best thing to do is pick one and start integrating it into your business.
  4. jg244888

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    Which one do you guys use?
  5. etwman

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    We are using Dynascape / Sketch 3D / Manage 360 with a series of plug ins in conjunction with Google Sketchup.

    Here's a very interesting statistic that a good friend sent me, some of you may have seen it before.

    There are currently 73,000 Landscape companies nationwide as of last year.

    5% have sales over 1 million dollars of revenue or about 3,650 companies.
    5% of these 5% will go to 5 million dollars or about 182 companies.
    1% of these will go to 10 million dollars or 2 companies.

    Figure out where you are, and as you grow you will find that those you can relate with and bounce things off of will become fewer and fewer. The world of peers that truly understand the growing pains your enduring will become less and less. I'm not sure what the statistic is for company's that make it past 5, 10, 15 years is, I've seen it but can't remember it, but it really drops off.
  6. CM's

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    Those are interesting stats, but doesn't the Top 100 that Lawn & Landscape publishes every year dispute that? All top 100 range from 1.3 B to 13 M. In my area that are 2 companies that are in the 20 million/year range.

    Or does this not include Nursery/Landscape companies?
  7. brian1425

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    etw - a couple quick questions: Last year at this time you were building an indoor display. What has the been the response to the display and how has it helped your business? Second, I am finishing reading "Becomind a Category of One" (great read), have you read Marty's book? What is on your desk that you are reading currently? It seems all good business owners are reading and adding information. I am looking for my next book.
  8. etwman

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    The display is working well. Unfortunately on a public forum I won't get into a whole lot of our marketing or customer relations work we do. That's just one road I won't go down for the world to see, we keep that pretty private to protect our company and its growth. We don't do alot of it, but what we do works and works well.

    I would read Marty's book, its a good read. If you like Calloway's book you should go to GROW in Dayton from February 9-11 and hear him speak, he's very good.

    Here's another good read for you. Never Eat Alone by Ferrazzi. That'll give you something to chew on for a little. I follow some of the principles in that book religously.
  9. CM's

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    I would like to talk to you about Dynascape Manage sometime, I use their design software and talked to them extensively about Manage. It looks like a pretty good piece of software, but not all the modules were ready and we have been in on te ground floor with software before. How is it working for you? I would be happy to share some more info about myself over email. Let me know if you're interested in that. What you said about peers is dead on.
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  10. etwman

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    We are young into Manage 360, our LA's use it, and with what I have seen and had my hands on it has my full approval. We made the decision to move forward with it last fall so we haven't had a full year in it yet.

    Early on in my life I remember a friend saying to me the more successful you get in your business the less friends you will have that truly understand what you are going through. His words of wisdom could not be more true, though I didn't fully understand then.

    Over many years I have had the opportunity to go through and see up close alot of very successful landscape companies. They've all ranged from $100k to $15M+. I've seen up close all the gears that make them function, numbers, and the list goes on and on. Some of my staff has had the opportunity to see them as well. One thing I hear over and over again is bigger is not often better. Once you break through that $3M and up company it becomes a beast of administration, equipment, staffing, and the list goes on and on AND it not always more profitable. When taking my "excited staff" to see a larger build company (because they think we need to be that big) I end up asking asking them really? Then they respond "hhhmmmm maybe not." So where am I going with this. I've seen alot of numbers, talked to alot of owners, and witnessed alot of size companies. This has really helped determine what that "sweet spot" is and how big I want to get to be most profitable and crazy efficient. Think about all this as you grow your companies and put together your long range plans.

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