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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Are you using all of Manage, or are your LA's just using the estimating side? Are you using the accounting integration module as well? We ran into a road block on the maintenance side. They don't have that part of the software in place yet, and that is a integral part of our business. I'm impressed with their sales tracking capabilities, and the estimating looks good. We have created our own estimating template that is very similar to what they produced.

    At this point we are looking for a 1 software solution to sales/estimating/tracking/invoicing/accounting. Simple request, right?

    What you say regarding company size is the truth, the bigger you get the more you have to feed the monster. We are in a national peer group that meets a couple of times a year to discuss our business's. Again, if you're interested, I would like to talk off the board.
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    You can contact my office and we can chat some.

    Here's another cool shot for an upcoming project from our new design software.


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    That looks so good i think you just sold me on a patio! lol Nice looking model!
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    I had the opportunity to swing into MAHTS the other day in Lancaster. I rarely go to these trade show events anymore because in my opinion they are really lacking in good education. Now wait, you may say well I learn alot from them. That's great seriously. But I just don't get a whole lot out of them, and really limit my staff going. We either do one of two things

    1. In house training where I bring specialized speakers in house to train my staff, which works great.

    2. Go to conferences you have to pay for, and that's not $55 either.

    In the world of education in our industry you truly get what you pay for. If you go to a $600 conference, you are going to walk away with at least $600 worth of valuable information. Go to a free one (or basically free) and that's what you get. It reinforced my thoughts on last Thursday's lancaster event.

    Coming up is a phenominal event and I've mentioned it before:

    There are two nights here where I always make it a point to go out to dinner with other attendees. If you are going, and interested in doing this, let me know. It is always great to exchange ideas with peers in the industry. Make it a point to attend this, you won't regret it.
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    About the sweet spot. What do you think companies should net with a 1 mil gross? How much for 3 mil gross? It seems like the bigger you get, the lower and lower the profit percentage gets and at some point it isn't worth the headache.
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    That's an impossible question to answer. So much of that depends on what the company does, specializes in, do they do multiple things, etc. Bigger isn't always better.
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    What would you guess grunder grosses and nets?
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    I wouldn't share that publicly even if I did know, nor would I share that about any other company or my own. This is a public forum and some things need to stay confidential.

    Bigger companies can be more profitable, but you really really have to be on your A game.
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    Price is $795 now.
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    I know Marty publicized the price was going up soon. It's getting close to selling out and space is limited.

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