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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    I'm in there too, ETW I'm making it a point to find you, shake your hand and thank you next Feb. Looking forward to the whole event!
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    Green Earth - People that banked on snow removal, didn't budget correctly for it, it didn't happen as predicted, then they are scrambling to find money elsewhere, and the others that did budget correctly are paying the price for the idiots that are blaming the weather. Ironically as it may sound it has very similar characteristics to the infamous housing market tabocle. Maybe the government will bail people out.

    Techo-Bloc is extremely innovative and "gets it" When you can draw 400+ people to just one of their dozens of showcases I'd venture to say they've figured it out. If their not #1, they are very close.
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    Any new pics or advice for us yet?

    Last post was over a month ago...
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    Read this entire thread your work is excellent. Do you think that GROW could be a benefit to a landscape architecture student?
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    We've been busy again this spring. Having two LA's inhouse was the right move. It was a big step, but the timing was right.

    Here are a couple designs and pics of projects underway. New equipment on the way? I just ordered a tandem dual axle deckover trailer that will enable us to haul both the mini-ex and track skid loader at the same time. We'll be able to carry 24,000 lbs on it. Cam Superline once again took the sale. We loaded it up with air brakes and options. Cam makes one of the best trailers on the market. We'll have to wait 5 weeks for its arrival but it'll be worth it.

    What a difference two years makes. This time last year we couldn't buy 5 sunny days in a row, this year we're tearing through work with 50 hour weeks. If you like consistancy this is the wrong industry to look into.


    Walling Final JPEG.jpg




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    I pray every day that someday I will get to feel the overwhelming feeling I'm sure you feel when you stand back and look at all you have accomplished. Incredible.
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    A good friend of mine who is in this industry said to me, "You spend the first 10 years in business finding your way, the next 10 are spent improving processes, and the last ten (assuming a 30 year career) are spent reaping the benefits of what you have built."

    Having gone down this road I believe there is alot of truth to this. Its almost like you are profitable at first, as you grow internally you become less profitable, mainly because you add overhead and don't recover it correctly. Then you improve the systems, increase profitability again, and really become a well oiled machine.

    Building a company from scratch to a multi-millior dollar machine in this industry takes an enourmous amount of dedication, risk taking, and hiring the right people at the right times. I have by no means perfected this, but have a true appreciation for peers in this industry who have walked this road.
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    I went to the sales symposium last year, its good. You'll enjoy it if you go.
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    I am more on the maintence side of things willbit still be good for me?
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