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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    That is a sharp looking trailer. I agree with you on what I've quoted above. We're not the biggest company or have the most equipment, but I'll tell you what: I'm glad I spent the money and had my second truck painted to match the other one, and then had it lettered. And I take it one step further, every friday at the end of the day, the guys and I wash the trucks and clean the inside of them. Everytime we're at a job, I step back and see both the trucks the same color lettered up and all cleaned up, the guys all wearing the same blue t-shirt with our name on it and grey shorts, and our sign in the front yard. It makes me smile every time. We get a lot of looks and get noticed for sure. I also have people tell me they see my trucks all the time....and I only have 2 trucks! I guess when you get noticed, you REALLY get noticed!
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    I'd recognize your trucks if ever in that area. Just very different than say my pick up and dump trailer. Regarding the "Oh they must be expensive" because of shiny trucks. They would never be a customer of yours anyways. Like you've said your customers choose you because you deliver a superior product and that's most important to them, not a super cheap deal.. The clean staff and equipment is just part of it and a bonus for them. I'm trying to make that decision to head away from most lawn mowing work as it seems lately most people want the smoking criminal in the rusted beater. Not all, but most. When i had a glass block window installed the window company was great. Well dressed, neat, etc... The subbed out trim company, not so much. I came home to a beat dodge truck filled to the brim, inside and out, with junk. Was not happy about that and for the 3 hours they spent there, horrible job. Kinda ruined the reputation of that window company.

    Anyways, I just need to get better educated on the hardscapes installs and such. Gotta move in that direction along with a possible name change.

    Thanks for the tips and the business experiences you post and of course the pictures are great too.
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    how long did it take you to build a crew of clean, presentable guys?

    my best decorative concrete guy is one of the best around. But he's just so rough, he smokes and cusses like a sailor. But his attention to detail and quality of work is just spectacular.
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    About a week, because I only hire clean presentable guys. My job descriptions are very clear about the caliper of people we hire and what is expected.

    Whatever you encourage. If you allow people to smoke, you encourage it. Simple as that. If you're a chain smoker, and need one every hour, you aren't going to make it at our company. Its as simple as that.

    Not trying to sound ignorant. It all depends on what standards you set. I don't care how good of a mason you are, if you don't meet the criteria that we lay down, you don't work here.
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    This thread, along with a few others, is so inspiring and full of FREE great information and tips on running a business. Not how to lay pavers, how to stripe lawns, how much to charge, or other things you can learn on your own. There is a reason ETW has become a top player, not by accident.
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    Dont get me wrong he may be a good worker but if he scares away the customers that aint gonna get you bussniess. If I was a parent I would tell him to get out if he was cussing like a sailor around my kids an stuff.

    As Etwman said you encourage it. Just in your signature an avatar aint the best langauge, not the worst but not the best. I think it helps to lead by example.

    My best buddy was in need of a job an I like ok I got some extra work for you. We did one job together and I stright up told him I like you as a person you work great but your not acting professional an that aint gonna fly on my jobsite so go home I like you as a friend but not as a employee.
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    caliber, trees are measured with a caliper. :waving::waving:

    amen to what your saying though, i need to find some more good guys also.
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    Earth Turf and Wood I am blown away by your business. Simple as that.
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    Every year we spend alot of time with photography on our completed projects. Here's just one simple shot of many that we've taken. There is more editing to this that needs to happen before we will use it in publications.

    Teaser ETW.jpg

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