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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    hey least mine is "tastefully done" and still functional, which a lot of them arent. I'm not afraid to dump mulch in mine, throw a wheelbarrow over the side, hook up to a trailer or get in it with mud on my boots!

    Jarod, do you hire a professional photographer for these shoots or are you doing it in-house?
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    Mike, yours is FAR from a rust bucket.
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    i was referring more to the lift kit and big tires part haha

    While I'm posting, Jarod I know you had mentioned a while ago that you were starting to get more and more into Techo-Bloc. Are you still using them or are you diversifying a little more?
  4. etwman

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    Yes we are still using Techo-Bloc, but a vast amount of natural stone as well. It will be interesting to watch the world of concrete manufacturered products over the next 5 years or so. The entry level pavers will always have a place, but manufacturers are getting into this wetcast product line, which mind you pushes up into the $6-$8/sf mark. For that you can get really nice natural stone product. The price of cement, aggrigate, etc. continues to rise quickly. You can't convince me that the wet cast market is sustainable at this rate with material cost increase, I don't care how innovative you are. Natural flagstone is natural flagstone, timeless, and will forever be that way. And when wetcast, or high end pavers, reach the point that they are double what natural product costs, something will give.

    I wouldn't put all my money on pavers in the long run. There a stress cracks in that industry, acquistions, and only so many ways you can slice the pie to sell product. A 6x6 or 6x9 paver is just that, how many people can make them?
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    Thats a very good point. I have often pondered that myself, as in how many different people can be making what is essentially the SAME thing, how many different ways? And what way does Company A make pavers that is better than Cmpany B to the point that there is a significant price difference between the 2? I like the natural products myself too, and I feel that (in my area at least) the market seems to be shifting naturally more that way. Whereas in the past I would get questions about doing a block wall or a paver patio/walkway, people now seem more interested in the "irregular" look of flagstone, We actually did 4 jobs this year that incorporated a flagstone path through a garden, and I have another for August that I just booked today. We have yet to touch a pallet of pavers this year....
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    I'm a new user to this site but have been reading the forums for a couple years, I must say that your company is outstanding, the attention to detail and your knowledge really stands out.

    I have been skimming through your posts and I might have missed it but my big question is where do you find such talented employees in your area? Obviously your laborers are top notch and are professional. Do you ever head hunt for anyone? Where and how do you find such talented and dedicated people, there is no way that these are your run of the mill college kids.
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    Successful companies in our industry, who don't run disorganized messes, and there aren't a ton of them, will attract and retain highly skilled employees. It's simple as that. I have a bunch of peers throughout the country who will mirror this statement.

    Provide a neat climate to work in, good equipment, and not something that wears on them, and they will truly love what they do and who they work for. Everyone will respect everyone and together the company will grow.

    When we have to fill a position it doesn't take us long, yes I hire slow and fire fast, but qualified people are out there.

    Its not rocket science.
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    Very inspirational thread i pray to grow to your level one day!
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    Our new CAM Trailer loaded up along with the new layouts on our job boxes. We did both boxes, re-wrapping them both with new pics.


    Cam2 (2).jpg


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    the 2 deeres on the tag trailer look real nice together

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