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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    We have hardscape bodies, but no van bodies for plant material. We use our light material bodies and have a 26 foot enclosed trailer that we used to use way back in the day for mowing. 90% of our plant material is shipped right to our jobsites, we rarely transport anything. The less you have to move plant material the better and most growers / distributors will only charge a small fee to deliver.

    Our CA is 186". Take about 48" out for the box behind the cab and you are at 138-140".

    Anyone at Bucks would talk you about a setup or give you a dealer phone number.
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    Thanks Man!!
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    Hey ETWMAN, I've read the whole thread and found lots of great info and inspiration. If you can find the time I'm trying to build a similar business starting with a similar truck and could use some help!
    here is the link to my thread if you have a minute to throw out some ideas.

    Appreciate it
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    Do you finance your equipment or pay cash?

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    I seen your equipment in the photo for the Switch-N-Go advertisment in this month's issue of TURF. Everything looks great!
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    We have a lot of things in common!
    My guys have been with me for years and love working for me. They stay motivated because they know that their is room for growth at our company and that they can be promoted. Years ago an 18 year old kid started working for us, he was a machine when it came to hard labor and had a good head on his shoulders. He was willing to learn, got promoted to crew leader a couple years later. Now at 27 he is an account manager.
    Treat your employees well and they will do the same in return.
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    It's almost hard to believe this thread it going to hit one million views, that's alot of people looking at this when you think about it.

    Attached are a few others that rounded completion this year. We are headed into a very busy fall which will keep us busy well past the new year. I'm hoping for a mild or very late winter.

    I'll be returning to the GIE this year after a year off to spend some time friends and learning what else is out there.

    Trust everyone is having a good year.





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    For those of you who run CAT, and we own several, you'll be interested to know that our oldest 262B just topped 10,000 hours. Even the dealership is astonished. Original engine, we've done a litte work to it, wheel motor, and a few other things, but it still runs strong and is still pretty tight.

    I'm not a die hard CAT guy, as we have a Kubota Mini-Ex, and rent some John Deere stuff. I will say i think the time has come for the oldest machine to have a "baby" this fall.

    Maintenance is key, so next time you freak at buying a machine with 2000 hours on it, look at the big picture if its maintained.
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    What an awesome project there. Everything just flows and goes together so well.

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