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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Wow ETWMAN your a true American success story. I was only on here to check on some photo's than I came across yours and it kept me interested so I kept reading more of it. I'm glad that mom and dads money did not go to waste. Sad to see so many with that kind of start waste it. Keep up the good work.
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    second time through the thread and spent another $30 on ibooks.

    I love the business advice and always try to implement it but another great perspective would be from one of your foreman on staging, managing, techniques and methods. obviously the basics are covered at trade shows and in books but things like using the zip level or laying out patterns around big islands like at the country club you did. I think it would help some of us that are inbetween in terms of scale, still in the field and trying to up the class of work, become a better leader and businessman etc.
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    I apologize on being detached here for awhile. Its been a challenging four weeks with the sudden passing of a very good friend at age 38, coupled with the business of spring. Live every day to the fullest.

    To answer the questions, yes I believe the 26-33k truck is the ideal one for landscaping. You will find that most bigger, well established companies run this size truck.

    Software we use Quickbooks, Dynascapes and Manage 360.

    We are headed into a record setting spring on projects sold. Lots of neat projects and out of the box ideas. i will post some pics as construction gets furher underway. Here's one we are finishing up now.

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    We were already in the business of pool construction and we branched into doing the deck ourselves(we weren't happy with anyone's quality but our own)

    My question for you etwman is what do y'all do around the skimmer lids?
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    Funny you should mention that. Pool contractors only like to use round skimmer boxes, though there are square ones available and would be a lot easier for paver installers. I've never won this battle.

    We use hand grinders and take about an hour on each to make them look really good. You can, and we have, rented a 12" core drill bit at a local rental store. They aren't cheap to rent, and even more expensive to buy, but it does give a real clean efficient look.

    Bottom line is there is no silver bullet on this. It's patience, and hand grinders, cut off saws, and skill.
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    I didn't know if y'all had developed a trick yet.. Depending on the type of deck I'll go to the pool supply house and I'll buy the square lid. then cut a lip on to the pavers so the lid sets down flush with the top of the pavers.. Best way I've found because I am never happy with the way the round hole comes out.

    Oh yeah, check and see if there is an SCP near you, you can buy a square lid and riser for the skimmer. I've done that on pools we've built.
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    Here's another one, really proud of our masonry crew in house. These guys rock. This will be a catalog worthy fireplace when its done. A really neat pavilion will surround it.

    Now winter needs to give up so we can push on.....

    Schaffer Fireplace.jpg
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    Is that sitting on a massive concrete footing or compacted aggregate?
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    Massive concrete footing.

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