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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    AMEN to Dave Ramsey I have been reading through this thread for 3 days now and still not finished. I have kept hushed till now but. I must say I listen to Dave daily and way I am trying grow my business is debt free. Just want to say you have a amazing company and your amazing godly man too what you did down here on the coast for those families truly honestly brought tears to my eyes. I will probably hear flack for saying that but it's truth. I can take you place that looks like Katrina still went through yesterday. Some areas may rebuild most won't for generations everyone is scared and has good reason to be. Guy down street is a home builder he said his business dropped a good bit 2 years after clean up of Katrina. It's all cleaned up in most areas but most can't or won't rebuild. I know one guy talk to had his insurance agent call him balling said hate tell you this but all 8 of your rental properties don't have flood insurance. Guy lost over 2million in real estate over night. He used every bit saving just rebuild his own home. I truly admire you and my hat is off to you and the quality of individual you are. Love reading this thread watching you grow and keep up great work.
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    I just purchased The Pumpkin Plan, Becoming a Category of One, and Indispensable..waiting for them to be shipped. What am in for with these reads?
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    All sound to be great reads let us know how they are Eischeid. I think I am going buy the becoming category of one Wow good ol Big Omaha haha just moved from there in December to the coast. Heard from my folks you all got slammed with snow this winter hope you made good profit on all the winter madness. First winter away and I do miss pushing the white stuff but at least down here don't need depend on it can work year around. Wish you and everyone best of luck this year.
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    Yeah my dad runs a salt and sand distributing business. I've been working down there. And winter stayed around until may this year. Had a snow on the second and it was all melted the third. Go figure. But I'm really excited to get these books. I'm guessing there isn't that many 18 year olds buying those books.
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    Well...It took me four nights but I read the whole thread from start to finish. Very inspiring to see where you started and how far you have came. I hope to get there one day.
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    Another cool example of our teams work.......I've always been a fan of post and beam construction.

    This features the new state of the art kitchen we've been working on for 2 years with a high end cabinet company. All Stainless and teak, smart technology that allows you to lock/unlock everthing from a key card or app on the phone. This whole kitchen setup changes everything.


    After 1.jpg

    Pavillion 7.jpg

    Pavillion 5.jpg



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    Amazing Work!
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    Gorgeous work as always BLOWS my mind your guys do all the wood work and roofs and buildings as well and that you don't sub out a thing. When you had visions and hired did you look for people with building experience and carpentry skills to add as team members or how you go about finding so skilled team members for your crews?
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    Man do you guys live in the high end of town!!!!! Nice work. I mean really nice work... I would love to afford to live like that. Imagine waking up to that back yard every day.:rolleyes:

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