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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    We are where we are today for several reasons. First the focus we have, not trying to do 1000 different things like a wide array of landscape contractors. If you did one thing every day (just planting for example) and that's it. You tracked production rates thoroughly, shopped materials religiously, etc. Do you know how good you'd get at that after awhile?

    Secondly, the staff we employ. They are first class professionals and are very good at what they do. I hire people that bring things to the company, not ones I have to babysit.

    Third, our clients. We have an enormous amount of respect for them. They are where they are today because they are very smart and made very wise decisions. I have personal relationships with a handful of them and bounce business ideas of them often. At some point in the future I will form an advisory board that will probably consist of a handful of them.
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    Well there's no doubt that you are successful or turn out very high quality work but there is no way in hell someone can get that big that quick just by perfecting one thing. I'm very sorry to have to disagree with you on that. Nobody starts out from scratch with nothing and goes down to the local bank and applies for a loan to buy truck trailer and equipment. The bank would very politely ask you to leave. And yes there are guys that started with just a mower and are doing very well for them self's today. No one gets that big that quick without help from somewhere. I will give credit where it is due. You were not foolish with the help you received and are from what appears to be a very smart business person. But please do not try and say you are one of these people that had a family to support, a mortgage, and college loan to pay and within 2 years you were in the 6 figure range all by yourself and with just hard work. Sorry that fantasy just does not happen. I have heard it before and the truth always comes out. Mom and Dad paid the college loan, or lived with mom and dad till things were good, or my very best ones are dad's contacts threw his company. But like I said I will give credit where it is due you absolutely do turn out nice work from what can be seen in the photo's.
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    You can disagree and that is fine. We're very focused on what we do. There were no pats on the back from families and no sugar daddy's. We buckled down, dug in, and built what is here today.

    Have lunch with me any day and I'll prove you wrong. I'll buy.
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    I dont see whats so hard to believe? Read the thread, he didn't have all the huge fancy equipment on day 1 and the size of the jobs were also smaller. Correct me if im wrong etman.
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    That is class right there ladies and gents. I appreciate all the tips. You are a complete genius in the green industry.
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    Man ... the guy is offering to take you out to lunch, purchase your meal ticket not saying its steak or hot dogs but I think no matter what I think of mr etw I would accept in a heartbeat! Maybe etw needs to sweeten the pot and say I'll pay for your gas (one way) I noticed both of you are in PA. As always beautiful work!

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    Unfortunately, I have to disagree with your disagreement. I have read this entire thread (it was winter and I had some free time) and etwman has built this company from scratch by focusing on high-end design build projects. He has found a niche and made very smart business decisions to get him where he is. If you want proof, take him up on his lunch offer!
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    Thank you for the lunch offer. I will try and meet up with you when I get down that way and certainly give you the opportunity to prove me wrong. No need for the free lunch I am certainly not looking for a hand out, but I would certainly be open minded enough to listen to what you have to say.And if I am wrong which could be possible I have no problems admitting it. But judging by past experiences that I have run across in the course of doing business there was always a hidden story. I do look forward to meeting with you and listening to your story. I never said that you were not a smart business man I just felt that there was help from somewhere on start up. But I'm always up for learning new things. I will give you a call first when I think that I will be in the area and if you have time maybe we can meet up for awhile. Thank you for your offer.
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    Great. Always look forward to hearing how others have built their businesses. Curious as to how you got yours to the size it is, and other things like job costings, systems, organizational charts, core values, mission/vision statements, budgets vs actual, target markets, marketing, policies / proceedures, facility structure, delegation, etc. These are all key elements that are directly related to good solid growth.

    Feel free to contact my office and set up a time that works with my assistant.
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    Thank you, I will do that. Yes I look forward also in hearing how you target the demographics of your targeted market.I know that we are at different levels in business but the foundation and principles of a business should be similar and I agree there are key steps in any type of business that need to be followed in order to succeed. I thing that the most important thing is doing the best possible job that you can do no matter how big or small the job may be. I think that by winning over your customers confidence both by your work ethics and quality of work and than being recommended to others by them is the best type of advertising you can get. That is something that you can not put a price tag on. I look forward to meeting you and in my opinion there is always something that you can learn from others and possibly share something with them that they may not be aware of. Just seeing something from someones else's prospective opens up different options and will give you a better insight on how you could possibly being doing better in different area's. I always felt that it is surprising what you can learn by just listening. Again I look forward to meeting you and thank you again for the offer.

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