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    I owned my own business in New Jersey for 5 years, and been in this industry since I was literally 12 years old working weekends and summers with a local paving and masonry company. I've literally seen it all. Many of you that follow ETW's thread also followed mine a few years back when I was in business and are familiar with my work.

    Over the span of my business I had the opportunity to go have lunch with Jarod in Pennsylvania and not only was I really impressed with how well run and efficient they were, I came away with a plethra of information I applied to my business for the next few years. Not to mention how accomidating and helpful Jarod was with me (only a 20 year old kid at the time.) I never forgot about that and I kept in touch via email and lawnsite over the next few years and ran questions by him from time to time and he always went out of his way to answer and point me in the right direction.

    Fast foward about 3 years and I had some rough times in NJ. I was diagnosed with lymes disease and was out of work for a few months. I was wearing myself out working 80+ hour weeks installing $30-40k hardscape projects all day, ten doing estimates, designs, payroll etc. all night. It was never ending. Then I had a few customers not pay me, had a few projects run over budget, then had both my Fords blow transmissions and about everything else for the tune of almost $20,000. To make a long story short I made the decision to take a break because the job that I loved doing so much was turning into something I hated and it was just consuming my life. I lost multiple girlfriends because I never had time for them and all that nonsense.

    What Iam getting at is when I packed it in, I got in touch with Jarod and wound up moving out here to come on as one of his project managers and Jarod and the whole ETW organization hasnt disappointed. I always remembered coming out here and how impressed I was. I ad plenty of options for jobs in NJ, but decided to uproot my life and start fresh with a great company out in PA. And boy I'll tell you, you wont find a group of harder working, more dedicated guys then Jarod has here. And it all starts from leadership at the top.

    I've learned so much out here already, and I'd like to think I brought a few things to the table myself that will help further this company and take us to the next level, wherever that may be. I enjoy going to work each day out here and thats what matters most. Looking foward to building more ETW masterpieces in the future!

    And thank you Jarod for everything so far, its much appreciated. If some of the people that speak negatively on here got to sit down with you in person they would be apoligizing for jumping the gun on things. An sorry to everybody else I don't get on here much anymore!

    Jim Davis

    Proud to be a member of the ETW team!!
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    I always wanted to hear from an etw employee, thanks for checking in, maybe you can post more pics! I know the boss is usually busy off site
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    J-davis, thanks for the story, I had followed your thread since the beginning of it. It was inspiring for me seeing such a young yet skilled hardscaper. I scratched my head to this day wondering why you closed shop. I am thrilled to hear that you are a part of the ETW team, and that you are enjoying your career now!
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    Awesome software, and your work is simply amazing. Congratulations on how far you've reached with your company, and good luck on continuing to grow. Not trying to kiss a** here but this is truly a great inspiration to what you can truly reach in this industry with the right work ethic, training, and practices. Definitely setting a high standard for those looking to succeed.

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    Some pretty awesome software you got going there. Is this something that will be available for purchase or is it exclusively yours?
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    Thank you everybody, I appreciate the support. I hope everybody is having a productive season! Keep plugging along.
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    That software is AWESOME! Hopefully details will follow soon!

    Thanks for continuing to share!

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    what brand of outdoor appliances do you guys favor in your out kitchens? Why?
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    I was wondering if you were still using the Cat with the VTS tracks? If you are, how are they holding up and would you do it again?

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