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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. Kleen Kutz

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    Nice work!!! Keep it up!!!
  2. mclawns365

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    Stumbled across this thread like so many others. Just awesome. Planned on running a maint. company only, and found out how well a meticulous person can do in hardscaping so we picked it up and ran with it. Now I can't imagine not doing it. This was probably addressed somewhere in the thread, but I missed it. I'm curious how you deal with deposits on these large overhead jobs? I always get cost of materials, but a few buddies in the business take half down to cover all costs involved. Is that justifiable? Seems like your asking for a lot of trust from someone you don't know. But then I don't have the brand recognition of some just yet.
  3. etwman

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    We put together a comprehensive draw schedule based on phase completion. Each project is different.

    I saw this from another good friend in the green industry and thought it was really really good. Here's what he said:

    "Why you would hire a professional to perform your surgery?," how would you answer?? I bet that your answer would be something like, "because a professional knows what they are doing, they have been to school and have the knowledge to perform the job, and/or I don't have the time, ability or equipment to do the job myself!" NOW, my question to you is, "Why would you hire any one else besides a PROFESSIONAL to maintain or build a new landscape on your property??"

    Take a look at the reasons why people hire professionals to help with their lawn and landscape in th chart I attached below.......should make you go hummm.

    Also attached is another project we wrapped up, one of my favorties.






  4. PLLandscape

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    These aren't your photos, you're stealing them from the sales literature. Just kidding.

    You have quite the crew of skilled craftsman who enjoy making dreams into realities for these lucky customers. Why wouldn't people want to hire you!! The list of questions someone like myself would want to ask you is incredible. And no it's not how much did that cost... These projects are truly amazing.

    That chart is interesting too. Curious on what your take is on it....
  5. etwman

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    Meaning at the end of all of it clients really want professionals at thier places to do work and need to be educated on what a true landscape professional is.
  6. PLLandscape

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    That's what I got from it and when on estimates (although for small scale jobs and landscape work) most people complain about things that relate to being professional. Don't show up, work is subpar, can't get a hold of someone, etc.... I think that's one of the best sales things to do. Most just drop off a quote or say "It'll cost you this". I try to get them to walk the property with me and while walking get to why they want/need a certain service. This opens the flood gates of complaints with previous companies or just things around their property. After hearing all the stuff you know now how to sell to this person, at higher or more appropriate rates. Not everyone is going to buy but at least now you know what to sell them on. You just better be able to back up your sales pitch. I know you have that workbook you give people.
  7. etwman

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    One of the things we ALWAYS do is at somepoint in the sales process get potential clients to come to our offices and meet with them in our conference room. While they are here they can meet the staff, see our facility, and know we exist in a real place. Not running out of a barn.

    That screams professionalism is itself and is a huge sales tool. They know we are here to stay and they can find us if they ever need too.
  8. PLLandscape

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    My only downfall. Small startup without this yet but I completely agree. It's almost like buying online from an unknown company. I feel much better at my local parts counter sometimes.
  9. etwman

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    Every now and then one comes along that makes me even stop and say "man we are a good team here." This is one that is definitely award worthy. Everyone here at this company is an incredible asset. There was an incredible amount of time put into this project and it shows.



  10. TJ Property

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    Absolutely Amazing, I can only hope to get to that level for installs one day.

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