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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. xclusive

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    What brand enclosed trailer is pictured in the back with your two CATs on the cam superline?
  2. AintNoFun

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    don't feel bad my cousin just bought a brand new 980 loader and they gave him like 3 or 4 hats, lol
  3. ssprtman12

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    Jarod, i feel your pain. we have 5 CAT machines (4 skids, 1 mini, and a 906H compact loader) and 3 CAT motors in trucks and no swag for us either, they have given us a few stickers that the dealer itself made, and a few really cheap hats, but thats it! They used to just had that stuff out like candy
  4. etwman

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    Swag is one of the least expensive ways to say thanks and one of the most powerful ways of marketing. I don't get it.

    We have kids sweatshirts embroidered we hand out in sizes 1T on up. Amongst other things. Who do you think the future generation of client or employee is going to be?

    For all that CAT is, one would think they would hand out a little swag. It was funny, our project manager said in the shop the day we had orientation with the CAT salesman the following: We bought a used CAT 262 four years ago with 1800 hours on it from a used equipment dealer and got a handful of shirts, key chains, mugs, etc. We turn around and buy $150k worth of new equipment and get nothing lol.
  5. extremecutter

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    You must have a bad sales man. When we bought our Komatsu wa200 wheel loader we received coats. Also, new hats every year along with a few other things. But I believe the swag is given by the sales man. When I worked at a orange dealership, the new owner gave you a limited amount of swag for the year. Old owners idea was give swag to everyone.
  6. dirtyoldman1

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    Jarod, just finished reading the whole thread and thought I knew you and your business pretty well, but now I find out you bought 2 brand new track loaders! This seems to go against your history of finding good used trucks and equipment. What was the reasoning for finally going new? I've heard the argument from consultants that buying new is actually cheaper in the long run as long as you get enough years of use out of it, but it seems you have proven this philosophy wrong. Are you changing your outlook on new vs. used?
  7. P.Services

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    I was going to ask him why now after all these years he changes his mind. I can remember him saying something about how foolish spending that money is and how much that shinny paint and warranty really costs to have. I'm pretty certain these machines would have been financed also so that goes against your preaching also. I can remember when renting was the way, then used deals, then vts is so much better then dedicated machines.

    Back when you were renting I bought two new machines at 0% interest. I made the last payment allready and never broke a sweat. Mine are free and clear and have 10 years of life in them.

    That's my issue when guys who really don't know everything try to act like they know it all and their way is the best way. I tend to trust a guy doing 35 million a year over the guy trying to claim he is the top dog.
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  8. JContracting

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    Who are the individuals that claim to be the top dog and the one who does $35 mil?
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  9. etwman

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    Valid Questions. Here's my short response. I am big on renting and buying well used machines. All our Freightliners have over 175k miles on them now, paid for, and run great. At times we have gotten new (like our Kubota and CAT's) but it has to be the perfect storm.

    As far as the new CAT's. I will tell you this, and I'm not revealing my hand of cards on why, but I will say that I ran spreadsheet after spreadsheet on this decision for three months. I consulted with my project managers, op manager, and 4 other landscape companies in the industry that did this exact same thing. Those who attended the open house here know why we did what we did and we're very intrigued and made notes. If you dig hard enough with CAT there is an incentive package deal that works extremely well for our industry. CAT is the only one out there that does this. At the end of the day I feel very good about what we did.

    By the way there is no such thing as 0% financing as referenced above. If there were companies everywhere would be bankrupt. Its in there somewhere. I laugh every time I hear someone say I got 0%. Could you offer 0% on patio installation for 5 years on the same price as a straight sale? Didn't think so.
  10. P.Services

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    No your wrong on that. This isn't like purchasing a car from a dealer who gives you one price with their financing. And one price without it that's higher.
    This is purchasing direct from the man who built and owns that machine. He basically says " hey if you can make some bigger payments and give me all my money I have into this in 42 months I don't need to make any extra, however if you need more time to keep my repay me I need a little interest."

    My machine was 48,600 dollars. They don't pad these prices to counteract financing. You can offer to pay with a certified check and that price stays. John Deere finances it's self. That is important, they finance themselves. No third party lending the money like others do. If they can sell a machine and get their money back quik then you do get to enjoy a free sandwich on the house.

    I firmly believe on these smaller machines say anything under 200k buying new is always going to pencil out on paper over a used machine. Granted we can always have exceptions. It really takes buying a used machine and tracking every dollar that needs to be put into it and every minute of down time caused by it.
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