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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    love my mtls... i think most people who have mtls love them, but we sure get the hate from ctl people :)
  2. etwman

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    There is so much truth to that! You run MTL’s and then get in a CTL you feel like you are in a barrel going down a hill.

    On another few notes. Truck #8 will be done in two weeks, I’ll post pics. Featuring the very first and only, all alluminum switch n go body. Wait till you see this.

    We also sold one of our 262’s. I kept the Loegering VTS tracks that came off of it. They are decent shape, if anyone is looking for a set I’m going to sell them. Make me an offer.
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    Future phases for us up in NY featuring a board plank paver replicating an old boardwalk. 52528ACA-4C58-4026-BA5D-3BD56B974D3C.jpeg 5C8D2D38-1F4C-4D47-85AD-27B2459F97AC.jpeg 69EDCF59-509E-49FC-9268-51D3D6273A3A.jpeg 4C5E4463-5D4A-432A-B752-D75406C86A91.jpeg
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    I’m going to go out on a limb here and ask for some help with something. Our Kubota U35 mini-ex is about 7 years old, and has about 1400 hours on it. The thing has never cost us a dime, runs perfect.

    I was running it this week and it gets sluggish. Once in a while it’ll stall out, or idle way down like its struggling. Almost seems like a fuel problem. It’s intermittent, won’t do it all the time. We just serviced it, changed all the filters, water separator, etc. Wondering if it might be a lift pump or fuel pump. Seems like a fuel problem, not an electrical issue. Wondering if anyone else has had an issue and might know he fix?

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    We had a similar issue with our BobCat Mini -X. Did exactly what you described. It was two issues. First was a bad fuel filter that had a glue problem from manufacturing. It was bad right out of the box despite being brand new. Second was the fuel pump. When it heat up, it would loose pressure. Then quickly cool down and go back to normal. The more it happened, the longer the sluggishness would happen.
    I still to this day, think the bad filter cause the pump to take a turn for the worse. All the extra restriction on the filter couldn't be good for the pump. Sadly we ran it a week like that as we NEEDED it for that job and could afford downtime. In the end, I would have fixed the machine right away and saved the pump possibly.
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    Pretty sure the issue was the fuel pump. It was $125 and we put in on ourselves in the shop today. We ran the machine for a half hour afterwards behind the shop and it seemed fine.

    Thanks for the input.
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