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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    And there is no problem with that if you are comfortable with it. With subs you can end up with 10 different leaders and opinions which can spell disaster if you don't have a strong grasp on it. Builders do it all this time, but there is some real shotty work out there because then dollar becomes the issue. Superior subs don't come cheap.

    I just don't like using subs, but that's just me. When people look at our $3 million dollar portfolio of hardscape / landscape work, website, marketing workbooks, etc. every pic is something we touched and actually did. When customers realize that, it instantly establishes a sense of ease, and secures our project.
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    Honestly, i think we are going after two different markets.

    The work i am going after, people higher me for my design and management skills. Its completly different selling what i am selling, vs selling a hardscape.

    High end clients want to write and check and enjoy. They do not want to have to call 5 different companies to get their backyard done. They want to make 1 call.

    Lets look at one job i have signed. 225k and growing backyard. I have the following subs: carpenter, gunite pool, fence, electrican, mason, irrigation, landscape lighting, home audio, excavation, and propane 10 subs. If the homeowner tried to cooridanate this themselves it would be a NIGHTMARE!! I would not of taking this job if i was just doing the hardscape.

    When i go on estimates, I am completly open that i use subs. I explain why i need to handle the entire project; why i sub things out vs do it in house; and why it would be a mistake if the homeowner tried to run the job themselvs.

    When i show my profolio and their is subbed out work in the photos, thats fine. It does not matter if i build the thing with my own hands, its still my job and my work!!!!
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    Matt -

    Your work sounds very interesting. For your type of client to write you a check for $225k you must have a pretty serious portfolio of completed work. Not too mention the fact that you must have been in business for quite a few years (20-30?), having gained a tremendous amount of experience. What is your educational background? How old are you now? This is very commendable.

    What's your website I'd like to take a peek if I might?

    I haven't come accross many pics of your work on this site. I may just not know where to look. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction. Maybe I could learn something from your scope of work.

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    You want the run down on me?

    I am 21 years old today. This is my third year in business. No education past high school. Worked with GCs all during HS and learned how to run and manage jobs.

    I havn't done any jobs of this caliber before. How did i sign it? Its really no big secert. I have the ablity to design exactly what the customer wants. It seems like alot of the other companies in my area that bid on this caliber work have already made their name, and now more concerned designing jobs that are easier to build to make more $$, rather then building something the customer wants.

    Honestly, my greatest asset is my design ability. I come up with some incrediable designs. I brought in a LA to work with on all my jobs now. He takes my basic design and adds to it.

    I do not run 20 estimates a week. Some weeks i run none. A busy week might be 3 estimates. Most weeks is around 1. I put a ton of time into those proposals/designs. Way more then my compeititors do. I might meet with a client 3 or 4 times before i give them a price. Some may say this is a waste of time, but i do it to build a better relationship. And it pays off.

    During the presentation with the customer, i bring out several different subs to furthur explain what they are going to do. People are not hiring me, they are highering my team. Its like i have 5 salesman. And i make sure i only use subs that are as passionate and enthusatic as i am.

    I can't spill all my secerts. But one of the top things that helps me is my enthusatism. This business is my life. When i talk to a client it really comes out.

    Attached is a snap shot of what we are doing with the pool.

    Alot of people may think i am FOS but i am the real deal.

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    So if I have this straight, and let me see if I do, and correct me if I'm wrong here.

    1. You don't have any website.
    2. You don't really have any pics of your completed projects, other than some future designs.
    3. You sell yourself on your enthusiasm, but have no formal education, some general contracting skills, and are 21.
    4. You rely on the wisdom of your subs to educate your prospective customers.
    5. You have less than three years in business.
    6. You ask an aweful lot of, shall we say, entry level questions on this site for someone who claims to know so much.

    I'm not the one telling you that your are "FOS", there's plenty of others on this site that are doing that quite well.'re going to let this one stop here. Oh and Happy Birthday.
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    Yeah...well....moving on. I had a non professional moment. How bout those Bears Chris?
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    We all have them!:laugh: It's always been my philosiphy that if you never show pics of your work it means one of two things: 1) You don't own a camera!:dizzy: or 2) You really have nothing to show! Can you say Uniscaper?

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    Got a question real quick. You know you are a big mentor to me and i was wondering is it imparitive that i have to go to college?

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    I just acctually bought my first digital camera last week! And i will be posting pictures now.

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