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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Maybe I have a charming personality.

    I do have a profolio. Honestly, i haven't brought it out to a customers house in over a year. If someone is interest in hiring me, i either take them out to a previously completed job in their area or they come out to the job i am currently working on.

    I've signed my share of jobs with showing no pictures and no job site visits.

    What insures the customer that i know what i am doing? Well maybe the fact that every reference i give them tells them that i did exactly what i said i was going to do.

    I still can't belive you guys are busting on me for relying on subs to educate the customer. How many people KNOW everything about lighting, irrigation, horticulture, gunite pools, etc etc etc.
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    I too like to do all of our work inhouse. Of the few times we have subbed something out I have not been happy. Whether it be professionalism, quality, timeliness or attitude it seems there has always been an issue.
    However, I think that if MRUSK has built a network of subs that are good at what they do, then the model will work really well. I am not defending him, but maybe he is a good sales person. I do not have much of a portfolio (in terms of photos) Am I foolish for that, yes. However, I can still sell jobs based on the fact that people like me, and I make them feel comfortable, and confident in my company. I am also not selling 100k plus jobs everyday, but several are in the 10k up to 60k range. You will rarely see 40k plus jobs in my area, part of the reason being that jobs do not cost as much here to complete.
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    I see so many times on the hardscape forum of guys asking how much would you charge per sq. ft. on this, or how much would you charge sq. ft on that. We are onto another project that has extremely limited access, not too mention we have to work from the upper patio out. Typically we'd work from the lowest elevation by the driveway in, not the case here. It's a little smaller than what we would normally take on but it was a word of mouth referral. It'll total about 250 sf of block and 800 sf of pavers when all is said and done. It'll have an outdoor fireplace, grill, meadering walkway down to the garage, etc. when all is said and done. Here's a pic of the project in progress. For those of you who ask how much per sf? Throw that right out the door. If you price that way you'll lose your shirt on jobs like these. Not too mention you'll push to get done, sacrifice quality, and tick the customer off too boot.

    Word to the wise, figure out how much time you need on projects like this and DON'T EVER quote price per sf. Some of you guys I talk to regularly, and are in this for the haul, would concur 100% I'm sure.

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    nice equpitment
    can we see soem pic's of trucks, and shop when u get a chance to get it up to "par" and Do you have any plans on how the rest of the land near your shop will be occupied?
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    All of your work is Magnificant. Keep up the good work and kepp adding to that large fleet
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    Final pics of project that was back on page 52.

    We are starting another project tomorrow that will hold us there for four weeks. It been in the planning stages for awhile now, EPHenry has custom run some neat colors for this one. I will post some pictures once it is underway. It's a pool deck, outdoor kitchen, firepit, pergola, and over 700 pieces of plant material. The first two tractor trailer loads arrived from EPHenry today.

    Light 16C.jpg

    Light 17C.jpg

    Light 18C.jpg

    Light 19C.jpg

    Light 20C.jpg
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    Very nice. Hope everything else is going well.
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    etw, looks great! How long and how many guys on that patio project?
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    Great looking job!

    I have a question for you - With the hot tub it looks like it is lower then the patio and then a wooden deck is built around it. I'm interested in how you did that and what you built it on. It looks like a good solution for when there is a pitch to a patio and the hot tub must remain level.

    Thanks for the pictures.

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