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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Lawn Tek -

    Here's another idea for you. Marketing. Don't spend a ton on money in the yellow pages. As a matter of fact we spend less than $300/year on yellow pages junk. As you probably know word of mouth is the best way.

    Another unique way that we market is with mugs. Now, you can spend $.50 on a white mug, slap a logo on it, and do what everyone else is doing or you can do what we did. We took this style mug ............

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    .......... and took a photo of one of our sites (the one below) and had it fired onto this style mug. The company that produces the mug did all the line art for us. Inside we drop a little note that says thanks for the business and a starbucks coffee single. Its been a huge hit. We have about 250 out right now and have even been asked if we would sell them....the answer you can have one as long as you keep us in mind for future work.


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    ETW , but has the mug got you anywork other than P R ? My other biz was a Napa Auto Parts store ,and we gave away over
    11 yrs , thousands on hats calenders pens etc . But your always wondering if works , well we had sales increases for 11 straight years , but that was the result of a combination of things . My question is what is the single best thing that has built your biz?
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    What's the single best thing that has built the business? That's tough. I would have to say there are three that are dead equal.

    1. Our Image or reputation (the fact that we are meticulous with equipment presents an image that we are the same way with our work. We are not cheap by anymeans but our image speaks for itself.)

    2. Honesty (we don't oversell ourselves with our clients. No matter how big the project I'll always try and save them some money by doing something different in the long run. They'll end up spending the difference with us in the long run anyway once the trust factor is established.) Ironic as it may seem the picture above on the mug is a very extensive property that we have been maintaining for some time. I have never met the property owner face to face. He heard of us, we know what he expects, and trusts us to do it right.

    3. Reliability (I say we are going to do something and it get done. No iffs, ands, or buts. I say we are going to be at your site Monday at 7. We are there at 6:45. I only schedule 4 days of work a week. That leaves us a grace period for weather. If we have a sunny Friday, then we'll plug into next weeks work. Customers don't like delays, they love that phone call that says, "We are ahead of schedule, can we get in there earlier?"

    Were the mugs directly related to more work. Yes. We found that they are classy enough to bring out over dessert at a customers house after dinner with friends or sit on an office desk. The first question I ask new customers that call our office is How did you hear about us? When they respond that I was at Dr. Smith's office last week and noticed a neat mug on his office desk....... It's a great starter piece on a conversation that always leads back to us somehow. Anyway we have gotten several good perks from that mug, enough to constitute buying more.

    Hope this helps,
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    etwaman - do you set up a striping pattern - like mow two different ways but the same paths every other time? - It looks like the wheels have cut some ruts - looks like the grass is dead on the going away pattern - Just curious - I do not think my customers would like that.
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    we do stripe and change directions weekly. Actually this lawn is extremely healthy and the coloring from our digital camera may be a little decieving. We pull about 3 soil tests a season on this turf and treat it with 6 applications. This lawn is so thick that we cut it at 4"- 4 1/2" most of the season, occassionally twice a week. The wide rear tires from these Hustler 2500's eliminate alot of tire ruts in the lawns for us.
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    Cut at 4.75" and thick as can be.

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    What kind of grass are you cutting in your region (Fescue, Bluegrass)? The lawns look good.

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    It's actually more of a bluegrass, unfortunately we have found it will struggle more with drought than a fescue.. Then again about 20% of our sites do contain some fescue. Really depends on what was initially installed.....and then which way the wind blows.

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