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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Thanks for sharing everything you have shared over the years.
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    "Steel toes" is typically not necessary for driving around all day long running errands, and meeting with ever so lovely prospective clients :)

    But I guess one can never be too safe!
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    yes i think you need to add steel toe boots to your equipment list joke.
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    Groundscapes -

    In '02 we probably had 6 on payroll, some of which were part time I'm sure. Back then we had one crew dedicated to mowing but it was that year in which we began to pull away from that aspect. Plus neither crew was anywhere near its full potential. From there on out we hired guys that are much more specialized in what they do and what they can bring to the table. The most recent foreman hire has a four year college degree and good field experience.

    12-16 weeks would be considered too long at this point, yes that has changed.

    Your last statement I will try and elaborate on without divulging some things that I do not wish to go public with. When you re-evaulate your business plan, which we did in '02, the key is to grow the company at a steady growth rate. Keep in mind we do no advertising, but we've grown at a very healthy, steady rate. I've run numerous projections, with the type of work we specialize in now, too show how much we should be able to do off of each crew. I know where I want to be with the second crew before we go to three and won't pull that trigger until we are there. The key is to be in demand among clients, lead the industry, not be top heavy with employees, and turn a decent profit. Running out and adding crews just to add crews, then take on smaller stuff to keep that crew busy isn't the route I want to go, and doing 100 different things ....forget it! I think at three crews full time with our niche, and that may take a little to get there, is all the more I wish to be. I can be plenty profitable with that and run a stress free healthy company. Sure I could run out and plaster adds all over creation, shoot based on industry averages we should be spending 5-7% of our sales on adverstising, last year we did .03% and that most fell under gift certificates. However, I don't want 40 appointments a week of tire kickers. If I have 3-4 appointments a week that's alot, but they are serious. I'm comfortable growing at this rate, our charts on net income, gross, and net are at the growth rate I'm comfortable with.
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    Do you think with todays economy the residential work will slow down, commercial work will proboly still be there, and people that want to try to sell there house in this market, will want a new patio, etc. but what do you think the economy do to your bisness?
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    Etwman....just wondering if you could give us all a update on your business and some current pictures. Thanks Jarod.:usflag:
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    We've been pretty busy tied up in two complex builds so I haven't had time to respond to much. Regarding Krefts comment I'd rather opt to not go down that road. The majority of the reason this economy is so volitale is because the press just blows it out of proportion. Sometimes the less is mentioned about it the better. I'll leave it at this, yes I think it will effect everyone in some way or another. We have positioned our selves differently with our clientele and probably aren't feeling the impact like other contractors that we know.

    I attached a couple pics from the project we started last fall and completed this spring. It was pictured earlier in this thread. It is flooded with perennials that have yet to emerge. When the grass has come in and the plantings are all up I'll return for a completed shot. All in all, though small, it turned out pretty neat for a little back yard.

    Once things level out a little I'll post a little more.





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    That backyard turned out real nice
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    anything new ETW

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