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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

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    looking good
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    We are in the midst of a very busy season, our busiest so far. I haven’t had time to post many pictures but will attempt to do so in the next few weeks. Currently we have a large natural stone project going in Hershey. For those of you who like to see our “natural” aspect you’ll see it now. We have three tractor trailer loads of natural stone that will produce over 275 feet of walls, along with an extensive landscape and lighting. In addition to this neat project we have a 6,000 sf paver job at the clubhouse of a prestigious country club and a highly visible project slated to go in Reading next month. The NY golf course job is complete and we have sold through August at this point with several other projects still in the drawing stage that will go this fall.

    We have added several pieces of equipment which have served us well and are looking to add two more employees soon.

    I’ll put up some pictures when I have time.
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    Very cool

    what did you do for marketing/ advertising and still do you do "thank you's" to customers (coffee mugs)
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    Cool, I can't wait to see pictures
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    What did you add as far as the new equipment?
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    love this trend. looking forward to see pictures. thanks
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    Our select marketing is key to our growth. Our mugs are a minor part of that. Our advertising is very, very limited, less that 1% of our sales. I would say our adverstising may be a poster board advertisement at the parade of homes project we did this spring.....that kind of stuff.

    Last week I spent two days in strategic planning meetings about where this company is going over the next 5 years. There are some neat things that are going to be implemented. If done correctly, which I think they will be, the company will double in the next five years. There are several other manufacturers of products out there that we would like to use which I believe will be a key player in some of this growth. They are eager to be a part of this journey.

    On a different note three times in the past four weeks we have been approached by brokers to consider purchasing other landscape companies in the area. A sign of economic times and poor business decisions. While none appeal to us, I would urge you all to make wise decisions. I admire greatly, and live by, Dave Ramsey's theories on money management. If you can't buy it by writing a check, you don't buy it. If you are looking for some good listening you can download his pod casts from his website under his radio show or listen on XM talk radio every day from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. Much of his personal advise also applies towards business.
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    I had a class based on dave ramsey back in grade school, he seemed very knowledgeable
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    so what new equipment did you purchase?

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