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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by tnmtn, Apr 9, 2006.

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    from time to time i check up on equipment prices on diffrent websites. it seems there the price doesn't drop much for a used machine with under 700hrs. verses a new machine. it doesn't make sense to me. you would think with the finance options being better for a new machine the used ones would have to drop in price more to stay competitive with the cost of new one. for example: bobcat s185 gold package w/ cab, heat, air cond., aux. hudraulics new $26,000 verses s185 no cab 300 hrs. around $24,000. is it that the dealers are trying to have more room to negotiate prices on used machines. what are you guys thoughts on this?
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    Whenever possible, buy new. If you can't afford it, then carefully purchase an older model, preferrably from a reputable dealer so if it is junk, at least you will have support (not to mention avoiding buying grey market stuff).
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    Personally I'd rather buy from the end user, then used from a dealer. Then use the thousands you saved to make any repairs when they arise. With 700 hours, I'd thing you repairs will be minimal. What is the dealer going to do to a 700 hour machine when they take it in? Clean it, change engine oil and tell you to bring it back is 300 hours for Hyd service? In my experience, they don't warrantee or give much away free after you buy. Sure the idea of having your hand held is comforting, but you pay for it up front, weather you ever need it in the short dealer warranty period or not. Their gambling on the machine not needing anything, and (after a careful inspection of your prospective purchase) so should you.

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