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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, Jun 14, 2002.


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    I’ve been having a rash of annoying breakdowns this season. Last week while half way through a lawn one of my double wheel belts snaps (never had that happen). Last night the mag-stop clutch blew out on my Toro wb. That must be rare too, because when I called all of my local dealers no one stocked it or could remember the last time they had to order one. I’m looking to buy another walk-behind this year (possibly used) and I was leaning towards a hydro, but after all these recent breakdowns I am getting leery. I understand the cost to replace hydro parts is astronomical. How reliable are the hydro units – will I be sorry that I bought one? I replaced both wheel belts for $80, but I hear that a hydro pump or wheel motor is $900! :(
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    Hi Brian!

    We used to live south of Pittsburgh in Greene County -- Graysville. How's the weather up there? It seemed like it was always overcast when we lived there for 7 years.

    Anyway, I don't know much about your questions, just wanted you to know I've read it. We have hydro steering on our ZTR and have replaced hoses a few times. Didn't seem to be too expensive. But that is our only experience. SorryI don't have more info to offer!

    I hope the rest of your summer is better! It is frustrating to have equipment break down!

    Take Care!
    A & D Mowing
    (Alex & Debbie)
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    Dude, listen to the pro's , if your in the business, don't waste your time with garbage like toro, only use Exmark or Scag products, their parts are always available and they are true commercial mowers. I love how these home owner companies make a big machine and call it commercial but they used all cheap imitation parts to build it and nobody has those parts for when they break down.
    Ok, now everybody can reply to me about how much they love those bunton's, wright standers and prowlers.

    JUNK GARBAGE **** !!! sorry.


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