Equipment Production Times


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I am looking into adding some new equipment to our arsenal. I am interested in knowing production times for the following:

Bed Shaper mounted on a Walker: Lineal Ft. per hr. We would be edging with the bed shaper then loading into wheelbarrows and dumping into the back of a 1 or 2 ton truck via ramp.

Lazer Spread and Spray Unit: 1000#/hr. I know the unit is capable of spreading and spraying at the same time. But considering tight areas, is it really feasible and what kind of square footage is reasonable to count on?

Lazer Z / Z Master Any ideas's other than the manufacturers dream world of acres/1000#/hr of production. I have been using Grasshoppers and the downtime is killing me.


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What do you mean by the manufacturer's dream world of acres?


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Dream world of acres or thousand square feet per hour. They seem to think every property is a football field type project that can be mowed balls to the wall.