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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by scoxx30, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. scoxx30

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    This we'll be my third season in the biz. Mostly Residential. Last season picked up big time, and was able to pull it off with just a 21" proline, as my only mower (exhausting!) Things are picking up more for this season,"word of mouth" And I need ad a bigger mower. My budget is about $3500. I'm thinking walkbehind because it fits in my budget. (HATE FINANCING) What brands do you guys recommend, or don't recommend. Ridged or floating deck?
    36in or larger.. etc. as always I just want the best product for the money.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. sproutlscape

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    For the price your talking. Hit up Exmark for deals in the month of March. 48" Metro hydro (get it with ecs handles) they are best thing invented. Remember cash speaks and call the dealers around you for open house deals. With the extra $$$ you have left over buy a sulky, your knees @ the end of the season will thank you.
  3. zero_turn_mowers

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    Exmark, all the dealers in my area are having open house with rep. on had and special deals in the first of March.

  4. chevyman1

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  5. 65hoss

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    Based on the fact that you have been using a 21" I assume the jobs you have are not that big. A 36" will make your life wonderful compared to the 21". A 36" eXmark Metro will run $2000-$2300 new. You can get the hydro, although I'm not sure on the price of it. On a 36" you don't really need the floating deck. The way they are set up you rarely have a scalping problem.
  6. stslawncare

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    are your properties open or are there lots of obstacles? are there gates you have to go through? if not to many gates nor obstacles i would go with a 48" however if there are a lot of agates and obstacles i would go with a 36". either way if you shop around and get a good deal you should have a decent amount of money left over for a sulky or whatever you need. as far as brand you have to look at each mower and see what features they have that will benifet you and what your local dealers have and service. exmark, toro, ferris are all good brand names.
  7. dishboy

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    I would get a 36in exmark TTHP, I think the floating deck option is very important, as the blades are always at rhe bottom of the deck no matter how tall you cut. The cut degrades as you bring the blades into the deck to cut taller or change the deck pitch with a fixed deck. Cut quality is the number one issue for me. I would also bite the bullet and go Hydro so your effficiancy and comfort [with a sulky] is maximized. If you are going to do this for a lot of years start protecting your body now. It is a fact that your body will wear out.
  8. scoxx30

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    Thanks guys. Youe've all been a big help. Buying a biger mower will help my body out alot. I've payed my dues.with a 21in. Ready to rock and roll this season with a bigger machine. This may sound crazy, but I'm getting excited! I love cutting Grass! In my zone, back and forth. The best part, pulling away, admiring your work. Or better yet, have somebody stop you and say, can you make my yard look like that? I love the smell of cut grass in the morning.
    Thanks again everyone

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