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I am in the market for a ZTR Mower I was going to purchase a 60" LC Exmark but talked to the local dealer and found out that he is a jack*** The next dealer is about 40 miles away
Then I spoke to a very small Bunton dealer in my area about the ZTR Mowers He is pushing the 25 Kolher (sp??) with the 60" cut. From what I have read here it seems that Eric ELM is about the only person that has or even likes the Kolher Motors.

What type of problems have you had with the kolher??

Has anybody used Bunton?

Thanks For The Help!!


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I'm not gonna tell you what mower to buy but I will tell you to RUN from the Kohler 25. If you are a gamblin man you can buy one but if you look back in this forum you will find many people that have had trouble with the 25.

Any engine can have problems but the 25 has had more than its share. Kohler had a little problem first admitting it but they have also agreed. The 97-98 models were mostly junk. I still wouldn't trust the 2000's.
Kohler makes a 26 Fuel injected engine. I own one and I really like it. I owned a 25 and had problem after problem. So many that I'm tired of writing about it. The 26 has more power, starts everytime, and uses less fuel than the 25. And so far (200+ hours on mine) not 1 problem with the engine.
Good Luck.

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I have never used Bunton ZTR's. They are (I believe) a vertical shaft design similar to Dixie's. This is a good idea and does away with the mule drive pulleys. I had a brochure laying around for awhile and saw that they offer the 23hp Kawi air cooled vertical. Go with that over a Kohler. Kohler says that they have the problems worked out, but who knows? The Kawi 23 has more torque than a 25 Kohler. They also seem more powerful and crisp. They are a quieter engine as well. I have never heard much bad about the Bunton ZTR's as the newer ones are very similar to an Exmark/Toro. Unless he is "giving" away that Kohler, go with the Kawi.


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Here is a thread with 58 replies on Kohler.

If you put in Kohler in the search and have it search the title instead of post contents, it will bring up 33 threads on Kohler.

A mule drive is what converts the belts from horizontal shaft to verticle drive. A horizontal shaft motor needs this or a drive shaft to run most applications.


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A mule drive pulley system allows a horizontal shaft engine to deliver power via belt to a vertical shaft deck spindle. It simply bends the belt 90 degrees. It has been perfected by many manufacturers, but is a wear and maintenance item that a vertical/vertical combo does not have. Exmark has a very reliable system that should be trouble free for many seasons.

I have had two sets of headgaskets go on my 25 Kohler one set at 100 hrs the other at 350 hrs. After the second replacement, the engine lost a considerable amount of power, which my dealer could not find. The smart spark units went sometime in between the head gaskets. The engine just drinks fuel like crazy. With only 6 gals on a Dixie, refueling gets to be a real hassel. The Kohler is just a loud engine. Not just exhaust, but basic engine noise. I was never happier when I got my new 27hp LC Lazer. Dream come true. This machine is highly recommended by me and others.

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The bunton is the same ztr as is the bobcat,except the bunton has an electric lift,they use vert.shaft engines ,The
bobcat has a good reputation in this area ,380 hours first year no problems but a flat tire,parts are tough to get from the dist in this area as they don,t seem to stock many,but want the dealers to