Equipment Racks For Enclosed Trailers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joeg2246, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. joeg2246

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    I am looking for suggestions on which rack to get for my new enclosed trailer. I will be hanging these pieces of equipment.

    1 Echo string trimmer SRM-261T
    1 Echo edger PE-260
    1 Echo hedge clipper SHC-260
    1 Echo pruner PPT-260
    1 Echo blower PB-751


    FIREMAN Q LawnSite Senior Member
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    I made mine. I took an idea from someone on this site. Do a search for enclosed trailer equipment racks. I will post pics soon. I still need to get take them. I just used some wood and clamps and bungees. It works great. i will try to get them to you soon. I spent a total of maybe $25. Its a 3 trimmer rack, back pack blower and a hedge trimmer rack. Works for me.
  3. mcwlandscaping

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    yes, please get pics!! ive heard good things about green touch racks from friends that have them
  4. JJLandscapes

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    spending a few hundred dollars on the rack systems are a complete waste of money and cant be justified.. Keep your costs down people take a trip to home depot or lowes walk up and down the aisles and create something
  5. accuratelawn

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    Do walk through Home Depot.
    I used a simple "J" hook for the blowers.
    I used a similar double "J" hook for one end of the trimmers and the other end I used a spring loader clamp.
    For gas cans simply place them on the wheel well and use a couple bungees and eye hooks to keep them from tipping over.
  6. NEPSJay

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    green touch = junk. they have no way of keeping things from rolling around on the racks. look at the trimmertraps or jungle jims.
  7. riches139

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    About 10.00 total.:drinkup:


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  10. MysticLandscape

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    I use buyers,

    Picture 007.jpg

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