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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by CascadingCreations, Jan 19, 2010.

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    I would love a quick snapshot from around the country of member hourly rates (with operator) of the following equpment. This may be a great tool for all of us to adjust our rates (up or down) coming off of a hard season in a depressed economy.

    1. Skid Loader (track or wheel)
    2. Mini X (bucket only)
    3. Mini X (specialty attachment)
    4. Backhoe (full size)
    5. 3 yard wheel loader
    6. Excavator (bucket only)
    7. Excavator (specialty attachment)

    Thank you all and good luck with the upcoming season.
  2. curtisfarmer

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    In MA & NH (metro areas) you get $90 miniX, $80 TLB 10K lbs. (with attachments) $70 full size backhoe, $60-70 SSL, $125 200 size excavator, don't know abot CTLs, $100 3 yard loader, any size truck $60.
  3. bobcat_ron

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    All with operator:
    1. $65-105 depending on ROC and minimum times, myself, $70 per hour, no min. charge.
    2. $65
    3. $105 with hammer ($40 more per hour than standard charge)
    4. $120+
    5. $120+
    6+7. $85 (8 ton size) $120 - $400 for the bigger than 40 ton, some charges include hauling, so hourly rates are lower over all depending on time and hauling distances.
    Add $50+ more for attachments, my brother charges $150 for a Cat 320CL with 52" open Forestry head brush mower.

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