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Equipment Recomendations


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I own a chemical & fert company and have been doing a little cutting. This summer im launching a full time cutting crew. I have a little equipment and im in the process of rigging a trailer equipped for a two man residential cutting crew. Currently i have a 7x16 trailer with rear and side gate. Im building a rack for 3 trimmers and a rack for a backpack blower. I have a Cub Commerical 23 hp 48" Tank mower, an Echo trimmer, stick edger and backpack blowers. The piece of equipment i think i will need is a smaller mower to get into back yards. What do you guys recommend.


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Birmingham, Al
pick up a 21" and a 36" commercial. You can't go wrong with having both and there are plenty of gates out there that the 36" won't go in. I sold my 32" Toro after I bought two 21" mowers. They are about as fast and will of course go anywhere.

I found that at times, we could finish a yard faster with both 21s going that with the 32 and the 36 or a 21 and one of the others. Most of this was due to how quickly you could be mowing after pulling up to the curb. They are so much faster to get off the trailer and get cranked. We never strap the 21s (we sit the rear axle on an old 10" mower tire and THEY WILL NOT MOVE!)

Also, get two of everything. 2 edgers, 2 trimmers, 2 blowers. Two men each with the proper tools can truly move with a purpose.

Good luck.


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If price is an issue, then stick with a good 21" mower. But if you have the funds, then the 21" and 36" may be a good idea. A 32" is a good "medium" between the 21 and 36.