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J Berry

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I'm looking to buy some equipment during the fall
and winter to get started in my own landscaping business
the two dealers in may area carry.
Honda, Toro, RedMax, Echo, John Deere, and Husqvarna

These are Items I got quotes on
RedMax power broom and trimmer 599.00
John Deere xt 140 trimmer 360.00
Walk behind Husky 580 rsw 580.00
Husky 225 hand blower 200.00
John Deere aecrator/speader 315.00
Pequea trailer 6by14 w/ mesh ramps 1300.00
Echo backpack blower pb603 319.00
Echo pas 2400 trimmer and broom 550.00 or 299.00 at a dealer 1+hour away who is having a liquidation sale?
Toro 44''floating deck walk behind 1700.00 used 1 year privare home use

I would appricate any info on theese makes and models
P.s be kind i'm still a virgin to all this Thanks Jim~~


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I don't know anything about the Redmax equip. I have all Stihl and love it (blower, trimmer, hedge trimmers). If the Toro is in good shape, that would probably be a great price. Don't waste you money on a hand blower. I only like honda for the 21" commercial wb. The midsize I don't like the controls. Had one new and sold in within 3 months this year. Personally I would stay away from JD.


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As for blower go with Shindiawa or RedMax backpack. I used Stihl BR400 and will never go back.
I use Stihl trimmer and edger.

Check with "smoker" here on Lawnsite, he is in Fla and I bought the Shindiawa EB630 blower and Shindiawa T260 trimmer from him. He shipped them quickly, and they were like new. He has several good used items. Here is the link in the used forum:


mdb landscaping

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Glastonbury, CT
i would highly recommend the echo srm 2400 SB line trimmer. this was the first line trimmer i bought and it hasnt given me one problem. i would also say go definately with a backpack blower. i also agree with kirby. i too have a br-400 and they rule.


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The price on the trailer sounds really high,I only gave $850 for my new 6*14 trailer. as for the other equipment i use all echo no problem with any of them for 2 years,i would go with a back pack blower instead of a hand held,I have both and only use the back pack.


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that trailer is high-you can buy a nice brand new 76" inside x 16' long for 900.00 with ramp gate on back around here-i would definately get a big trailer instead of a small one-i am moving up to 86" inside x 20'long next year.i would buy the red max eb7000 backpack blower-if you check you may find this equipment at a lot better deal.


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The trailer is high our 16 foot dual ramp 7500GVW daul axle with white spoke rims and 4 brakes was $1650.00. The Echo PB60 is cheap most sell for $399.00, I would by the Shindawa Power-Broom instead they have had the Pantened up till now and have a longer track record. Toro seems like a real good price for a floater deck. Unfamiluar with Husky and John Deer products, Most we own is Echos, Shindawas, Toros and Walkers.


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Is the Toro a hydro?
Toro makes a good unit but try a hydro before buying a belt drive unit. The belt unit will be cheaper. But you have to decide what works best for you. If you will be using the mower most of the time , buy the best you can afford.


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in case it hasn't been written...the trailer is high! (just kidding)

a new 6.5 X 16 footer can be had here for $750. brakes add $100.

I'm happy with my stihl br-400 blower. it's all you need. however, based on the reports, the shindawa and redmax deserve a looksie. I know I checked 'em out five years ago and went with the stihl but maby they have out a stronger unit.

good luck.



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All this talk about cheap trailers has me scratching my head. I bought in 1993 what I thought was a cheapie 76"x16' with 4 wheel electric brakes and a two piece HD rear ramp for $1895.00. This is a square tube frame. I thought that it was a great price. Shopped around for a long time. After 4 years of service the wiring harness started to go, the boards were rotting, and paint was going. I rebuilt the floor with pressure treated 2x8's. Added a side gate, rewired the whole trailer with Betts junction box and lights. And repainted the whole thing. There is no way you can buy the trailer I have created with all my upgrades for less than $2500.00. I would love to see these $850 to $1000 trailers. How is the build quality? Are they square tube frame, or cheap angle iron? Is anyone using one, or are you just saying that they are out there? Mine was originally built somewhere in the south by guys making $3.85/hr and I still paid twice what you guys are quoting.

Just saying, you get what you pay for.