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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnguy48, Aug 30, 2011.

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    OP how much work do you currently have?
    I will give yo ua no thrills no bull list we have tested and LOVE reguardless of the opperators on lawns exactly your size 50x150 we buy husquvarna 3016ztr (same as a dixion 30" they cost 2200 new and after 1000 hours have not replaced anything over 50 bucks and not one after 3 years has had over 300 reinvested in parts. (they are high quality homoeowner units) 1 223L trimmer and a 150 bt blower and you are set.
    YOU will not need a push mower period We had crews of 2 and 3 man crews running pushmowers and I dont have 1 pushmower in that city today . you can place 4 of these units on a standard 12' long trailer. and they will mow at 7 mph( they say 5 to keep them in a sub compact class but its just to upsell to the class.
    the only think i did not like about them at first was they did not come with an hour meter
    they offer baggers and mulch kits. They mulch freaking great for a ztr . If you place this package in a f1-50 or smaller truck you can cut 40 a day if they are in the same area.

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