Equipment safety.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by LindblomRJ, Dec 1, 2006.

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    That article brings out another aspect of towing your equipment........Make sure it is "ROAD LEGAL" including the driver (licensed for that truck)...I live in NH and our local "DOT" has been increasing their equipment inspections on EVERYTHING....Brand new 1 ton with an empty leaf gathering trailer had to detach ( leave his trailer at the inspection yard:nono: )...There are only 2 reasons for trailer brakes or an "under licensed" driver...

    I can not imagine the "Dent" that put in someones day......

    Snoope back quiet
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    why don't more people wear seat belts?
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    This one totally miffs me. On the local news I hear at least once or twice a week where someone was killed in an accident. Everytime they report whether or not the victim wore a seatbelt and about 98% of the time the person who died wasn't wearing one. My inlaws never wear one, but yet my wife(the same girl they raised) will NEVER leave the driveway without it on nor will she let passengers get in her car without wearing it.
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    A law was finally passed here wher they can pull you over and give you a ticket for just the seatbelt before they could only write you one if you were pulled ovr for somthing else and did not have it on
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    here seatbelts are only a secondary law where you need to be pulled over for another violation to be cited for the seat belt. forget the law traffic death numbers and statistics with seat belts should be enough

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