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Equipment Selection Help!


LawnSite Member
Hello all,

I ran 32" and 48" Metro's throughout college, and now my father comes to me for advice for his mowing needs. I am only familiar with eXmark performance in "residential lawn" conditions, and this is more of an "open field" scenario:

Approx 3 acres, half on 20-25 degree slope. Bumpy, and the grass is THICK and up to 12" in length after 2 weeks in May.

I am steering him towards a 48-52 Viking/ 60"TT with Velke or sulky, or perhaps a low-end Z. This unit will be used 20-25 times/year for no more than 2-3 hrs at a time.


Will 20HP on the 52" Viking be adequate to power through a long thick cut, and pull a person behind without being markedly labored, or should I opt for the 23HP?

What is the length split (forward/rearward) of the rear axle centerline of the Viking and TT? This mower may need to be transported in an 8' bed w/ 50" between the wheelhouses

The last two "residential" riders have died prematurely, I am looking for a heavy-duty mower that will cut time (zero-turn), and last 10-15 years with regular (if not obsessive) maintenance.

Thank you in advance!



Manufacturer / Sponsor

The only unit I'd recommend for hills greater than 15 degrees consistently would be the full size TT. Either the 52" or the 60" should be just fine. The 20" hp is enough power for the 52" and probably the 60" as well. If it were my machine I'd opt for the 23 on the 60" however.

I'd avoid any riding mowers in general. There are just too many factors to worry about when it comes to mowing hills.

The big TT will is still wide enough to knock several acres of grass out in short order but stable enough to be used on some hills. We don't recommend any walk behind on hills greater than 20 degrees so I'd check the slope for certain and arrange a demonstration with your local Exmark dealer.