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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jocko1104, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. jocko1104

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    Where do you guys park your equipment at night? I'm just starting out, but am considering a small garage or shop. The PITA factor for backing it into my garage every night was pushing me towards the shop, however our house has expierienced some fire damage and since we have been forced into an apartment for 5-6 mo. I wake up at night with cold sweats! Right now i back it in to covered parking and put my dog in the back LOL :dizzy: What should i expect to pay for a shop and how do you find them? Any other suggestion?
  2. Dennis E.

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    Just a thought.
    Some guys that I bought out a few years back were keeping the equipment in a storage facility at nite.They also had a small office there too. Pretty nice set-up. Really secure.
    Price was around $100. per month. (I think)
    Prices will vary I'm sure.

    All of my equip. stays on the trailer at home. Chained and locked and covered.(Open trailer)
    With a motion sensor with 2 big flood lamps that light up the whole dang yard when it is set off.
  3. Firefighter Dave

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    You had the same concerns I have had... I am going to get an enclosed trailer next week.... Easy access, locks, more professioanal looking, keeps your equipment out of the weather, able to display a nice advertisment on the side, and only about another $1,500 more for all these good things....


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  4. Dennis E.

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    I've been shopping for an enclosed also.It does look more professional.
  5. Ssouth

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    Look in the local classifieds under commercial properties or commercial rental properties. We rent a shop here that is 40' *45' for $600/month. Utilities are included. We have two bay doors that are 10' wide and 14' tall. Owners are going to install garage door openers next week ( I hope) for free. Man, I can't wait to pull up and just hit a button for the door to open and close.
  6. SIG

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    I just had a pole building built. 52'x 30'x 14' with (2) 12'x12' doors and a man door for my office. Love it. Cost me around $17,000 and worth every penny of it.
  7. Tvov

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    Never enough room to store equipment. I used to rent a shop, man that was nice. 15 foot high ceiling, gas heat for the winter, hot water and a bathroom.

    When I was able to have a shop on my property, we put up one of those "erector set" buildings (light weight sheet steel), and it has worked out great. But, you never have enough storage room. In a couple years, we out grew the building, and now store some equipment on trailers that we cover at night. Where I am, I don't have to worry about theft (famous last words!) so storing on the open trailers is fine for now. We are now trying to figure out how to increase our "inside" storage room, without getting caught up in the local zoning laws.
  8. olfrt

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    On the 12' open trailer in my garage

    it's tight but it fits

    Would like an enclosed but community restrictions would not allow me to part it on my property. Deed restricted area
  9. BRIMOW525

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    I lucked out and found a guy that wanted grass work done. 50x100 ft building in exchange for mowing. 15ft ceilings, bathroom, air compressor, forklift(if needed) half mile driveway... (not at all bragging!). Very much so lucked out. no pwr doors but the room alone is worth it.

  10. BRIMOW525

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