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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bommaritro, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. bommaritro

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    Hi folks

    Quick quesition I have found a ZTR (an Exmark I believe) that has been in storage for almost 3 years. I haven't checked it out yet. The owner had a heart attack put everything in storage moved south and just died recently. His son said that everyhing that was put in stoage was treated with Stabil and Mystery Oil.

    My question is how long will Stabil keep the gas good? I would like to fire it up and see if everything runs. However for 3k on an almost brand new machine should I just pay for then tear it down at home and clean it up?

  2. roscioli

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    Mowers are a little more finicky than cars, but my father recently bought a 1961 pontiac tempest with a 4 cyl and it had been sitting for 5 years. Started right up, and ran fine on that gas that was untreated. I wouldnt recommend it, but it worked.
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    you really cant go wrong for the money,first thing i would do would be to drain the gas in it now put some new high grade in it with some carb cleaner that you put in cars and let it run for a while it will help clean out all the gunk and build up...but after that you should have a good running machine ,and if you have to rebuild it for some reason so what you are still getting a good deal on the machine .
  4. Gravely_Man

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    The key thing would be to replace all of the fluids and filters before you start it up. Run it for a while to get everything flowing and then replace all of the fluids and filters again. I know this sounds very excessive but I use this technique on all of the used equipment I purchase.

  5. bommaritro

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    Gravely_Man replies:
    The key thing would be to replace all of the fluids and filters
    before you start it up.

    See that is what I was thinking of doing but do you do it before you buy it? If so I would have to get the son to drive down to the storage unit and wait while I do all of the fluid and filter changes then fire it up. If I was familiar with the mower I wouldn't be worried however I am not and I would be concerned that if something was wrong with it he may think that I damaged it. I may just ask him if I can take it to a local dealer and pay to have them go over it just incase something is broken and I don't want it he won't think that I damaged it.

    Thanks for the info guys,
  6. beck

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    If you leave all the fluids as is and you cannot get it started you may be able to get it for a cheaper price. Just a thought.
    After you buy it do all the suggested fluid changes.

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