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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Superior Softscapes, Feb 5, 2009.

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    I'm looking for some suggestions as to what mowers I should purchase. This is my first season landscaping. I'm starting with 30-40 residentials and about 15 commercial properties. That may grow, I'm in a unique position where my previous company had me working with large commercial developers as well as residential builders. We are being flooded with bid requests. I'm going to be running 2- 3/4 ton trucks to start and I want to have both equipped to handle comm. and resi. If any of you guys have experience that you'd like to share or have some setups that you think would work good for me I'd be appreciative. What I'm thinking is a 32" walk behind and a 48" stand on for each truck. What do you guys think? Thanks.
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    Sounds like you are indeed in a unique situwation.

    you will want to Get a local dealer. interview him, MAKE HIM WORK FOR YOU,
    find out how long he's been there, if he's planning on carring that line of Equiptment for a while, Go watch other LCO's see how they do. see if a WB. will benifit you.

    Simple truth is, all of the TOP of the line equiptment is about the same, one may have this or that feture, other than that there all the same. It's the ole Ford, Chevy Issue.

    Best of all, is your TEAM, as you know , putting togather a Team is hard work, and Expensive.

    Best of luck
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    it just kind of depends on what kind of mowing your going to be doing? if there small areas i would agree with your 32, 48, but if your doing big commercial, or flat open yards i would suggest one 61 in, and a 48 in walk behind for each crew. Thats what my two crews use, and they hardly have any trouble with even the small yards. However they do have a push mower to, but it doesnt get used often. All the mowers we use are Scag. There good mowers!! hope this helps
  4. IntegrityGuy

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    I would recommend 18ft box trailers for your lawn maintenace. the enclosed trialers protect your equipment from the elements which makes repairs and such alot less. the enclosed also prevents theft. As for equipment handhelds i would go with stihl fs100rx string trimmers and all br 600 backpack blowers.For the Mowers i would highly recommend wright Standers with a 52'' deck and one with a 36'' deck for those tight Areas. they have the best cut quality and leave killer stripes. You are going to need riders (zeroturns) for some of your commercial properties and i would recommend Scag or exmark. iwould put 60'' decks on the riders.

    I personally would have one residential crew and one commercial. In the residential trailer i would have one wright stander 36'' and two wright stander 52'' and all of your stihl handhelds (2 br600, 2 fs 100rx and one stick edger), you will also need grass gobbler brand grass catchers.

    In your commercial trailer i would have two wright stander 52'' and one Scag or exmark 60'' zero turn. And your 3 stihl br 600 blowers and 3 stihl 100rx trimmers and 1 stick edger.

    this setup for just the trailers and equipment would run around 50,000$ then you need to buy your trucks. i would get 2 chevy 3500hd reg cab.

    this set up would kick a$$:weightlifter::drinkup:
  5. Superior Softscapes

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    Thanks Integrity. That is what I was looking for. I don't anticipate having enough work to need that much equipment but your reply is what I was looking for. Wright Standers are what I was looking at. I'm also looking at Exmark's for z-turn and walk behinds. Unfortunately enclosed trailers are out of the budget for right now but all equipment will be stored inside and maintained properly.

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    Your ideas sound about right and I can say good things about Exmark and I don't own Wright Standers, but I've used them before and they are quality machines.
  7. IntegrityGuy

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    If you are going to buy ex mark walk behinds then buy the Vikings not turf tracer because they break down allot and are very expensive. also do not get the Turf tracer hp.

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