Equipment that you get for free from costomers

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by GrimsleysLawnCare, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. GrimsleysLawnCare

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    Last fall I was up on the mountain aerating a 2 acre lawn that over looks my town.. It was a great view I might add! But as I finished and pulled my mower and pull behind aerator back up to my trailer I saw a tiller that had been pulled out of the garauge and next to my truck and trailer!! It was a rear tine 5 horse power lowes tiller had flat tires and then also wouldnt start. The owner then asks if I want it for free??? I jumped on it I love free you can always scrap it anyways if its no good. I take it home take it apart put new fuel and oil in it, and basickly get the motor to run. I then had to replace the tine clutch cable, throttle cable, air filter, anc a spring on it. I spent around $70 on it. This april I have a few gardens to till up with it!!! :cool2: Its one of my first freebeessss like this and other lawn guys in my area say to expect alot more gifts like this and around christmas time to keep an eye in the mail cause you nver know what a customer might send you.. whats some of the stuff you guys have gotten as in equipment and gifts from customers?????
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    There has been a few threads on this. My take is I don't take anything for free. I will trade some work for it and the main reason is for me. I have the sense as if I owe them. If I take it for free then in my mind if they ask me to do an extra job I will not charge them because of the gift they gave me. It is how I am, but if we agree on $$$ credit then I will take it.
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    i've never been given anything for free like that.

    usually if someone is giving something away it's a piece of junk anyways and i'm not interested. i'm the kind of person that would never buy anything from a garage sale because to me it's all broken and needs work and wasn't taken care of very well.
  4. GrimsleysLawnCare

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    To someone with to much money it was junk. It would not start at all. once I did get it to start the tines automaticly turned. Its something I spent some time on and fixed it. Learned a few things about it as well. I like to piddle on things. It keeps me out of trouble. After I got it running I relized it had barley been used it just sat and Idk it made me feal accomplished that I got a tealer that you would go spend $600 maybe $500 on new and only spent $70 bucks on to get it in top shape with some of my tlc. I didnt ask for it. he offered it to me and I took advantage of it. He has hired me out since then and told me if I ever needed any refferances or anything he could help me with he would do what he could.
  5. GrimsleysLawnCare

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    Not the most beautiful machine, but it is now reliable!
  6. Valk

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    You made his day(s) by 1) accepting it, & 2) getting it well as making your day with your accomplishment. Bully! Glass is at least half-full.
  7. 32vld

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    Not for free but $150 for a 28" Sears 2 stage blower. Made in 2003, looked brand new hardly used because the wife and husband developed health issues. So the blower sat in their shed for 6 years before they sold it to me.

    Took off the carburetor bowl and mixture screw, spray some carb cleaner, changed oil, it fired right up.

    Worth the risk. Used it for 4 seasons now.

    Last fall I was given one of those small bench top table saws for free. It was a Sears with a 10" blade and had two small accessory wings to extend the table area.

    I already have a floor model table saw. So I gave it to a wood working friend. Good to spread the wealth.

  8. herler

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    Murray push mower with bag, my guess is this model's circa 1999-2000
    Sells new for $209-$249

    $60, three hours, two oil changes, a spark plug, a starter clutch, new starter cord,
    some fussing, a whole lot of cleaning, Wd-40, TLC and some wrong parts later...
    It runs, it cuts.

    Why I don't have a problem with it being free, I can't sell it for $90 if I tried...

    But I can use it.

    2013-03-04 15.41.36.jpg

    2013-03-04 15.40.21.jpg

    2013-03-04 16.02.32.jpg
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  9. zackvbra

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    a customer gave me a combine edger, brush cutter, and tiller one time. the edger and brush cutter are crap, ive never used them, but the tiller is pretty useful for small beds.
  10. GrimsleysLawnCare

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    I had a customer last summer as well that I had played basketball with his son. But the man had bought a craftsman chainsaw and had never used it.. really he did not know that much about how to and was scared of cutting his leg off. I asked what I would give for it I had a hundred doller bill on me and said a hundred.. that day I went home with a new chainsaw and I believe I will have many more years of use out of it!!! He also gave me a bunch of hand tools for free older shovels and stuff like that. He had bought his neighbors house to fix up and resale and the guy left alot of yard work tools behind. That was another win win for me! I did not want to see all those tools go in the trash either. LOL

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