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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Focal Point Landscapes, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Not that it hasn't been discussed ad nauseum in the past , but it merits a reminder that there is constant risk of equipment theft in our business . We came in late last night , didn't take time to go to the shop and drop trailer - this morning about a thousand dollars of equipment was gone . I realize the stupidity of leaving equipment out , just got a little lazy. The deputy that came and took the report said that lawncare equipment is the item most stolen by far around here - he also mentioned that there is more stolen during the day than at night. Store your stuff and try to keep your trailer in sight as much as possible.
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    Ditto on that, a couple of years ago now I had a lawn tractor stolen ... it was secured with 2 chains in my carport and when I got home from work I found the tractor gone and both chains had been cut through with bolt cutters. That means they had to back up either a truck or trailer to haul it off. Needless to say, since then i have closed in my carport and made it a garage.

    But absolutely yes, make sure you lock things up or you'll learn the hard way.
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    :usflag: just this past week a good friend of mine had all of his weed eaters and stick edgers taken from a gas station he has a year around contract to maintain,he also had an enclosed trailer but had left the ramp door down while blowing off the parking lot,BAM:hammerhead: in just a few min almost 2000$ worth of equipment gone in someones trunk or back of a truck:walking: I also have an enclosed trailer and had been guilty of the same . not any more doors closed and locked with the only items to grab are gas cans mostly empty most of the time
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    Focalpoint ... What kind of neighborhood? You are right, there are many posts about stolen equipment, but the report usually never includes the situation. Was it rural, few houses around? Was it urban, houses packed tight with many roaming people with nothing to do? Was it suburban, houses in middle class, upper class, 1 acre lots, etc?

    How about other thefts? Were they done in areas where thefts are commonplace, and the LCO theft was among many? Or, in areas where thefts are rare, making the LCO theft unusual?

    I'm sorry about the loss. Apparently somebody had an eye open, waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of one misstep.
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    Focal Point -- I meant to ask if the equipment was locked up or secured to the trailer that you left out during the night ?? I too, also now make sure that everything is locked on the trailer when I'm mowing ... in other words, I put the ramp up and lock it while I'm not present beside the trailer. You can't trust anyone anymore, unfortuantely !!
  6. lifetree

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    Kellroy ... I even lock up my gas cans !!
  7. Focal Point Landscapes

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    I live in a fairly upscale neighborhood - lakefront lot , no streetlights but all homes have some type of decorative lightpole at the street, I have a circular drive and parked the rig directly in front of the house , which is lit up like daylight . I usually use my enclosed trailer which stays locked even in the daytime , but I was using my open trailer that day - the equipment was secured to the rails, but not locked . There is very little traffic that goes through this neighborhood and we try to keep an eye out for each other here. It probably happened in the early morning hours while everyone was asleep. Turns out that some of my neighbors had things taken from their vehicles which weren't locked. Ended being a wake up call for the entire neighborhood - there has been so little crime that we got complacent. While it is a sad commentary on the world we live in , I still am kicking myself for being careless about my equipment - also thinking about leaving some more out and waiting in the bushes .......

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