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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowing Mike, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Mowing Mike

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    Has anyone ever used any type of tracking devices on their equipment to find it after it is stolen?

    I not talking about the gps type they are usually to big for the thing that get stolen the most, I'm talking about transmitters and receivers that you can follow and locate. Ive been looking at some on the net and they are expensive, the one I like is 2300 for the receiver and one transmitter. Each additional transmitter is $250. It can track up to 100 transmitters. The transmitters are very small under 1 inch square and the battery is about the same size. They are track-able in a 3 to 40 mile range depends on the area.

    I started to go to work today and seen that another echo 650 blower was stolen heavy-duty cable was cut, I had 2 locked together but only one was gone, That makes 5 this year. I think the tracking system would be a wise investment for the future, at least I could find out who/where the blowers are going.

    Thanks Mike
  2. Shuter

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    If you have had 5 stolen, has anyone else in your area?? If not maybe someone is out to get you. In four years in business I have only heard of one blower being stolen in my area, nothing else. I think it really sucks that people do things like that.
  3. Mowing Mike

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    Right now i don't live in the best neighbor hood. I have 10acs of land we will be moving to soon, the theft rate has gone up alot here in the past year. They broke into my bucket truck a few months ago and cleaned it out. My theft losses for the year are nearing $10,000, theft ins has paid most but on blowers it only meats my deductible. Thats why I'm thinking about tracking this equipment to see where and who its going to.

  4. HarryD

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    you have peaked my interest give us some links to the tracking devices you have been looking at
  5. Mowing Mike

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  6. walker-talker

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    Sounds like a small investment, considering that you have already lost nearly $10K. Might check with the insurance company you are currently working with, them might give you a break on your premium know you have a tracking system installed.

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