equipment theft


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Has anyone run into problems with equipment theft? Big problem here in central New Jersey,alot of the landscapers in the area are getting hit by the thieves. Most of the items are 2 cycle equipment that can easily be carried away, however they go through alot to get to them,such as cutting chains on gates moving trucks and trailers that have been backed up to garages and sheds etc. Would appreciate some feed back and possible solutions other than sitting in my tree stand all night with my gun.
Also, if anyone knows of possible locations this type of equipment might be re-sold. action, flee-markets out of state maybe.any discussions would be good since I know this is probably common in certain areas. thanks


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Typically, dope heads and drunken loosers steal this type of equipment. Some are so stupid they sell on Ebay, which is tracable, but much goes to those outdoor flee markets, and pawn shops. They will typically sell a $500.00 chain saw for a $20.00 crack ball.
Or, they could be like some idiot did back home...He stole a Cat 235 excavator...Now to do this, all one needs to do is back up a low boy, load the equipment in broad daylight and drive away...Veery little chance to get caught, and the equipment is usually sold several states over.

Well, this idiot took the machine, and then was working with it, 10 miles from where he took it from....DUH!!!!!!

I would recommend a female gaurd dog, and motion sensor triggered lights. The reason for female, think about it...All one has to do to get enough time to work with a male gaurd dog is bring a female around that is in heat... Once they get tied up you have about an hour...


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If they want it they are going to get it. we lock up all equip. and also mark the shafts and under the engine cover somewhere with certain color paint. Just so if you see an edger with your color on it you can prove its urs

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