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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cntryboymc, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. cntryboymc

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    i use a backpack blower,yard vac,ztr w/collection system,and truck with dump insert to deal with of the dealers i do business with wants to sell me a little wonder yard blower and a leaf loader.are they worth the three grand that he wants?is what i'm using now sufficient?what do you all use?
  2. Pecker

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    Of course a leaf loader would be nice! But do you do the volume to justify the investment/ Don't let me mislead you though, I don't own one, nor do I do much fall cleanups (other than mulching the crap outta stuff, which works very well for me as long as I get to do it regularly). But if I were doing alot of leaf cleanup, I'd seriously consider one. In fact, I'd kinda like to have one anyway, which brings us back to the popular question: Do I buy the equipment to work or do I work to buy the equipment?
  3. STAN1366

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    Unless you've got a truck with a box on it the leaf loader isn't worth it. The Little Wonder blower with the Honda is a great piece of equipment. If you don't have a push blower then this is one to consider. I've had mine for 5 yrs now and wouldn't be without it. Use the ZTR to mulch up as much as you can and then use the collection system for what's left over.
  4. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    honestly wiith the stregth of back packs these days the push blowers is becoming obslete...the back pack can get in more places and is less fatiuge on your employeesa if they are using one all day.

    As for the truck loader its the best tool money can buy for fall clean-up...just take a weekend off and build yourself a leaf box on your dump insert using some plywood and 2x4s and you will have a decent box that will probably last you a season or 2..

    or if you are really serious you could have a fabricator build you an alum box that will last forever like i did.....i built 3 wood boxes in 4 seasons before i said screw it...i bought this last season and it will be so nice to put it on in a couple of weeks and not have to worry about how badly it will have warped or rotted...
  5. Tvov

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  6. BMFD92

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    Since the town picks up leaves with the truck, I use two powerful little wonders, my scag with the grass gobbler, and my echo Backpack. With all that equipment I can get leaves to the curb and in a nice, orderly pile pretty quick.
  7. Eric 1

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    I feel that a push blower is only for large open lawns and parking lots.Other than that the BP blower is better, lighter easer to direct.Ever tried blowing out a raised bed with a push blower. i almost bough a Little wonder, now i am glad i did not, I would never use it,especially for $1000, There are better ways to spend 1k in my 2 eb 8000!!!! or a wb.
  8. cntryboymc

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    i would like to buy a leaf loader and get an aluminum box made for my dump kind of holding off until i see how much business i receive from a large ad i recently placed.also ive been swamped lately with landscape maint. projects which is surprising to me for this time of year.
  9. walker-talker

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    I have a leaf set-up, so to speak. I actually use it more in the spring for scalping warm season grasses. Before I had this set-up, I found myself filling up the bed of my pick-up with one lawn and then I would have to dump or worse yet, fill it up half way through the job. I would have to dump, come back and finish the job. The thing was, I would have to price the job for all this time involved....leaving the job site coming back to dump, not to mention the dump fee time two. One job I priced I even expected to dump 4 times, needless to say I did not get that job. My pickup holds about 2 cubic yards and my new grain truck holds about 22 cubic yards (plus its packed in there with the loader, so it comes out to even more). Also, the dump fee is pretty close to the same price for either route. Then there is the fact that its actually quicker to load with the loader and the huge....and I mean huge benefit of not using so much back work to load the debris. My setup cost around $5K for the truck, mounting and loader and well worth every penny.
  10. brucec32

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    You may be facing extreme leaf situations where it won't work, but a good mulching deck (exmark) on a powerful mower can do some amazing work on leaves if you don't let them get too heavy. I couldn't imagine how much leaf work one would have to do to justify the equipment that it takes to efficiently blow and collect them and then haul them off.

    It's not perfect, but I never had a complaint after I quit collecting them and it saved a ton of time and equipment.

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