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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tjg, Feb 26, 2000.

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    I was lucky today. I found a 10X20 for $57 per month. I can do landscape work for them in trade. The have already bid out the mowing, but the owner was paging the guy he has in charge to find all this out. I'm used to having to light a fire under someone to get any response at all.<p>Anyway, I'm sure they will keep me busy for a while and I'm more than happy to build up any credit against an already reasonable storage rate.<p> I forgot to mention, when the place closes at 8:30, shortly thereafter a guy for hire comes and releases trained dogs. No problem with security with K-9.<p>John
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    what if you need yo get in for something after hours? maintenance, forgot something, ect.
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    If so, I have to wait until 6:30 am the next day or bring the rig home and store it at a friend's place. Hopefully I won't need to do that, but I can if need be. &lt;p&gt;Also, theft is my number one concern. Equipment of all kinds seems to disappear really quick in my area.&lt;p&gt;John<br>
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    Its funny how 200 mile makes a big diff. in prices. Iam about 200 miles from retro I just called a local you store it place need some space for winter tools and plows salters. I have one for personal stuff about 30 minutes from where Iam at and it costs about $ 160 a month for a 10 by 20. The last one I had we had cost about $ 200 a month. Prices I got ranged from $ 200 to 260 per month. Most you store its around here will offer you 1 spot inside but most want you to cut all of them with in a 80 mile range. We bid last 2 years on Public storage they send a packet with properties in areas that I would not send my worst eneimes. When we send the bid back in with out those they always call and say we need bids for all or none. So we bid those at a price so high that if we get it it will pay for the extra insurance to work thier. But same thing every year prices to high for thses 4 or 6 properties if you lower them you can have the deal. Every year same story no thanks. 1 other guy I know does Shur gaurds he has like 4 for year round and each year they tell him he has to bid on a whole lot of other ones way out in no mans land. He doesnot he loss the bid BUT the manager always get pissed with company that won the total bid so they fire them for that area and he gets the same ones back. Bin like that for 4 yeas now that yets old real quick.
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    Wow, that seems pretty high. I guess there are more people, less space. I'm sure it would be a little cheaper out in the burbs, just like everything else. Those prices are high, though. I'd bet the only others paying that would be in metropolitan areas as well.&lt;p&gt;John

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