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Lake Viking, Mo
I posted a while back about equipment and I was pointed towards a walk behind dual hydro. I appreciate the feed back, but i've decided to go with a ztr as I think overall it will be the best for me in the long run. I will just grunt through the push mowing where it can't go.

I've been reading about different mowers for days on here now and it's become obvious there is no concensus. Here is what I am looking at and any input will be greatly appreciated.

Options I am looking at:

1. purchasing a used hustler or scag. there is dealers for both in my area, but I haven't been in to look yet, just been going through craigslist thus far. Here is what seems like a good deal on a hustler in my area

I would appreciate any thoughts on that mower.
There are not many used scags on CL in my area so I plan to see what the dealer has to offer.

2. Finance a new Bad Boy Mower. I know there is not much of a following for these mowers on these forums but I look at it as starting somewhere and I can upgrade in the future if I am unhappy. Overall the mowers seem like they would endure my mowing conditions fine. I like the bang for buck for getting a brand new mower. I am comfortable financing as mowing is not my only income and I have have great credit.

3. Finance a cheaper homeowner grade ztr. My mowing condtions are extremely strenuous and it's all I've used thus far.

I am afraid to go into this season with out something other than what I've got. I have this distinct feeling I'll end up half way through a property in the middle of a route and be up a creek.

Any input on how you seasoned vets woudl approach this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Just a quick big pic. IMO you'd be better off going with the used Hustler or Scag. Save the depreciation $s and they'll last a good long time. If you find out in a couple of years that mowing is not for you, the resale should be good also, compared to the other options you had mentioned. Or if it's all rainbows and butterflies keep running them or up grade at that point. I think you'll be happier with your decision to go with a ZTR, esp. if your running solo. Good luck.


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After looking at and testing all the top brand mowers for several weeks , I bought a Bad Boy mower about a year ago and already have close to 150 hours on it. I love it as well as some of my friends. once you see one in person and test it out I'm sure that you will feel the same way. I would put my mower up against any other brand out there.