Equipment usage?


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Everyone should have an answer for this. What amount of or % does your equipment go out, get used etc.

Seen a few post on here that state everything in shop gets used all the time to others saying they have an extra mower,truck,trailer, whatever in case of equipment failure.

Now I understand there is winter time and summer time. If you figured out a way to use that snow blower in the summer let me know or that plow on the truck that would be awesome!


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I would say mine is 50% as of now. I have mowers for mostly snow removal purposes and mowers for mowing only. I now have 3 trucks and 3 plows. One truck will sit unless I'm successful at fert and spray, then I'll need a guy to mow full or part time. I'm not trying to be big time in that yet, but no one ever knows. It sucks we need different equipment for almost every season.
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This is one reason I'm such a fan of smaller CUT's. They can be used year round for so many things- summer they can be used for mowing (and they do an outstanding job of it), moving sand, topsoil, mulch, etc etc, spring and/or fall tillage use, and winter plowing/blowing snow.

Most other equipment is useful for only part of the year at best, unless you have a WAM with mulitple front attachments, but even then they aren't as useful as a CUT.