Equipment used in Germany

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    ok...some pics of my stuff, I hope I can make pics of the other Items a few days later.
    I own:
    VW Transporter,
    Ford Transit Van,
    IHC 624 Tractor,
    1 Trailer, 2000 kg, doubleaxeld
    1 Trailer, 650 kg, single
    1 TrailerĀ“, f. Tractor, 4000 kg
    Mowingtractor Cooper, Hydrostat
    " " MF , Mulcher
    " " Viking,
    Push Mower, Harry, 6hp
    " " Sabo, 3,5 hp
    " " Mountfield, 4 hp
    " " Klippo, Mulcher,
    Stihl 018
    Stihl 024
    Stihl 028
    Stihl 044
    Stihl 046
    Stihl FS 55
    Stihl FS 400
    Stihl HS 45
    Stihl HS 80
    Stihl HL 75
    Stihl SH 55
    Walkbehind Tractor Gutbrod, 8hp
    Walkbehind Tractor Agria. 6hp
    Honda Rototiller
    Agria Tool carrier 400E
    Wolf 32 B Plus
    Hope I didnĀ“t forget anything ;-), Sorry that You have to cklick the images, thought they would appear here




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  2. out till dark

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    I like the truck I have an 81 diesel caddy (truck) .
  3. mcwlandscaping

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    When you only post with on picture, it just shows up, when you attach more than one, you have to click on the pictures. Neat stuff, hard to see because the pics are so small, welcome to lawnsite!
  4. m4inc

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    good to see grass grows every were.

    I have been to Germany a few times and didnt see many commercial landscaping companies.

    we will be back for world cup next year (Bavaria)

  5. 2guysandamower

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    ich spreche deustch du heiBt bernhard

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