Equipment when YOU first started out?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by osmann_lawn, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. 32vld

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    I was lucky I did not have to buy anything major. All ready had a 4x8' Harbor Freight trailer and ramps. Just had to put better side rails on it. JD 170 42", old toro badged line trimmer, 20" sears pusher, and my 70 YO friend that comes out and helps me brings his handle held blower. Pulled by a 2005 Jeep wrangler unlimited. Also have small chain saw, hedge trimmer, and wide assortment of hand tools.

    So my start up costs was for some lumber, stain, hardware. A roll of trimmer line, 2 stroke oil.
  2. Landrus2

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    those were the days :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:


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    I remember starting out with a 22" craftsman sp that I still have, (it runs great) that I picked up off the side of the road for free. Used a cordless battery operated yardworks trimmer, no blower, & a neon with a 4x5 utility trailer. I put everything in the trunk of the neon before I made the trailer.
  4. DPKutter

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    I started out with a 1994 Ford TBird, a tilt trailer, a stihl trimmer and blower, and a 42" Dixon mower. I learned real fast that I needed to upgrade everything but my trimmer and blower. LOL It got me by for a few months, but I looked like a dork. LOL Now I have an F350, a 4wd Dodge Dakota, a plow, two Dixies (72 and 42), two scags (48 and 42), a cub z-wing, and a JD (36), multiple blowers, trimmers, edgers (all echo and stihl) and a bunch of other things. I love this business :)
  5. osmann_lawn

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    Wow that is awesome! how much did all that advertising cost you? How is the toro lawn tractor holding up? Sounds like you are making money not owing money!
  6. osmann_lawn

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    DP Kutter - when where you able to upgrade? How many lawns were you cutting?
  7. DPKutter

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    I was lucky, I started out with 75 accounts my first season with around 10,000 flyers, but there was a problem. I got scared going into March and very few calls had came in. Little did I know, most would come in during the middle of April. Anyway, when I panicked, I dropped the bottom out on my price. I totally screwed up and way underbid a bunch of properties. I ended up having to adjust pricing during the first three weeks. I lost about 25 accounts, but I made it up by having to do the price increases. I do NOT recommend doing it this way!!!!!!!! The first year was tough, very tough, and I was still way under paid. As far as my upgrades, I was able to buy an old 1981 F100 within two months. It looked nice and had fresh paint, so it lasted me the rest of the season before I sold it. I got my money out of it. I did not get a new mower until the next season. The Dixon was the worst mower that I have ever owned, and I will never buy another one. I am sold on Scag and Dixie Choppers. Ferris and Exmark seem to do an equal job, but I haven't owned one. I currently have about 60 accounts that I can maintain by myself. I have a helper too, but he was basically trained to take care of my southside accounts. He is one of the best workers that I have ever trained, but he's short term... To answer the question in one sentence: within a few months you will have the money to upgrade something "major", and then just hold on and save as much as you can. Winters are tough if you don't have a plow. I hope this helped.
  8. themaintenanceman

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    hello all........ this is my first post. first full year of full time....... its all or nothing. i started with a craftsman 10.5 tractor. lawn cart and an agway trimmer (old) most givin to me because its was junk. just keep goin people come to this country every day from over seas or other borders and acheave the american dream. most of them end up wealthier than most of us. 3 things i live by
    1. work your a$$ off
    2.keep pride in your work
    3. do the right thing everytime
    i look forward to many more post and living the good life....
    thanks to every lawnsite member and sean for letting us all pick your brain!

    The Maintenance Man
  9. osmann_lawn

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    When & how did you guys get a loan to get bigger, better & faster equipment?
  10. themaintenanceman

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    dont get loans ryan. stay primative be profesionall. google everything

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