Equipment when YOU first started out?

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    Equipment when I started.

    Now this is 2003 I was about to turn 33 I had been in the trade since my teens and had been planning this move for a few years. All equipment or trucks listed are new unless other wise noted with model years.

    Our main truck was a 98 black ram quad cab 1500 long bed

    We bought a red 89 gmc diesel 3500 as our dump truck.

    We had a custom 16 ft trailer made for us

    Then we had a 27 hp 60 inch lazer with a trac vac system

    A 48 inch metro which we sold a few years later never liked the cut of that mower. But it had a velkey and a cloth bagger.

    We had 2 shindawia t 231s

    We had 2 stihl br 420s

    We tried 15hp a mb 48 inch broom my ex boss owned something like that so we tried it for spring and hated it ended up selling it off to him.

    We had my partners lap top and we had a 30 gal craftsman compressor and impact gun

    Some of those over sized 55 gal green barrels 3 of which still survive but the bottoms have seen better days.

    A few rakes and shovels an a pair of wheel barrels.

    Now as the first years season continued we had to add more stuff that we were lacking. So the list of that first mid seasons purchases is as follows.

    We needed a way to sharpen blades so we got a blade sharpener from lesco.

    We wanted to offer slit seeded so we got a lawn renovator from lesco.

    We need a way to spread seed and starter fert so we got our first spreader from lesco

    All 3 of those items we still have and still use 10 years later.

    We needed a way to do hedges and bushes so we picked up stihl hs 45 trimmers and set of fs 85 extension trimmers we still have them and use them.

    Then fall came and we needed more fire power so we added 2 more br 420s

    We added a 20 hp skid mount giant vac truck loader that we made into a swing away we still use that today.

    We added a box to the gmc some people think how much can that cost you'd be amazed how quickly boxes with all the hardware top $1000 we have kept it and replaced damaged and rotten wood as we have gone through the seasons.

    We picked up a giant vac 13 hp kohler ground blower we still have that but it hasn't been used in 8 years still runs and looks like new but no use to us when we have self propelled fradan 18s

    Then winter was approaching and we wanted to get into snow and did our next set of mistakes we picked up a 99 ram quad cab short bed 1500 because we needed a truck that day and the seller was willing to work with us.

    And then we put a 7 or 8 foot meyer plow on it.

    We also bought a snow blower and we were rewarded with less than the cost of the plow for snow work that year. We did some trades the following year and put the plow towards another 3500 dump.

    And there you have it what I started with.

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