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    what equipment will i want to have getting started out in the chemical buisness. i know i will wan to have a spreader and a sprayer and an aerator.
  2. Pilgrims' Pride

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    You asked about a pg in another post.
    I started out with a lesco spreader, lesco back pack sprayer, a cheap hand held blower, a used aerator and a used 200 gal sprayer.
    Worked out just fine.

    The pg or maybe a z-spray would be nice if you can swing the investment.

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    Matt, you don't have to start out with tons of equipment - just a few pieces of very good equipment. As stated above - you can't go wrong with a Lesco spreader, 200 gal. skid sprayer (you can do a lot with this piece), and one or two good back-pack sprayers (do a search on "best backpack sprayer"). You get what you pay for most of the time, so saving $15 on a sprayer or $50 on a cheap blower will eventually cost you more when you have to replace it in one year. Good luck.

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